Do You Have any Preferred Tattoo Designs?

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Having Preferred Tattoo Designs Does Not Truly Make a Difference But…

Tattoos are a great way to express our individuality and embellish our body.

Body tattoo designs are becoming one of the most expressive uses of adornment and ornamentation.

If you are looking for your first tattoo or simple looking to add a new tattoo, I have useful information and tips for you and yours on your next ink.

I’m sure you have noticed that getting a tattoo have become extremely popular within the past decade. Lots of people are adding tattoos and several are having their first time tattoo.

Does It Hurt? – The Eternal Dilemma of the First-Timer

People who have never been tattooed before will often wonder before they sit down to get the work done whether the process will be painful.

In fact, the fear of pain and of needles are two major reasons why people decide not to get a tattoo done.

When looking at another persons tattoo, almost always the first question someone who has never been tattooed will ask is “Did it hurt much?”.

The answer to this question is not straightforward – it depends on the person, for a start.
First of all, how do you define “much”? For most people, getting a tattoo is no more painful than – for example – having your hair brushed by someone else. It is less painful than being scratched by a cat, and more painful than a light scrub with a bristled brush.

If you really want the tattoo, then the pain is more than bearable. The needles used to put the ink underneath the epidermis are sharp, of course, but they are also very short. It is not like a long series of vaccinations.

Of course, the above may not apply to everyone. Everyone has a different pain threshold and we all have our Achilles heel, too. Some people who lift weights for a living will wince for an hour if they cut themselves shaving.

Some people who have multiple piercings, even in sensitive areas, will turn away at the idea of childbirth. Different things hurt different people too much, and in the end it is a matter of how much you value the end product.

Throughout history of tattoos , many civilizations such as the AztecMayanMaoriJapanese or the Chinese  have used tattoos as an expression of their culture, a sign of admiration, rite of passage and a strong manifestation of courage.

In contrast, much of the Western world had come to view tattoos with a negative connotation.

Tattoos were thought to be a sign of gang activity or sported by low grade criminals.

Truth to say, today individuals who enjoy tattoos, will almost always be hunting for their particular future awesome tattoo designs in order to set themselves from the crowd.

The proper choice of tattoo design along with the highest quality Tattoo Artist is imperative!. You will know immediately when you see your special design. Sometimes it will come to you like a vision from your own imagination, bam!…when you’re not expecting it.

Hi there, my name is Rosetta….I am a French Canadian, originally from Quebec in Canada but now living in San Antonio in Texas USA.

I have created this website for the curious whom are looking for their first tattoo the admirers of the art and dedicated tattoo fans.

When you are scouring the internet for your next stunning design, please come in and take a look!.

I will be adding fresh content and new information regularly, so please, bookmark this site and visit often.

As I make the site more interactive, so I will very happy to get your feedback and adding photos of your special tattoos why not adding the story behind the designs.

The stories can be intriguing, fun, inspirational and some times just wild and crazy, definitely an interesting read.

I am very excited to keep this ongoing….so stay with me!

Do not hesitate to contact me.

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