5 Practical Tattoos

By | January 3, 2014

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If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, but you can’t think of a good reason to get one, you might want to get a practical tattoo. It seems like it may be an odd thing, but it most likely isn’t. Instead, a majority of people will probably think that you were clever when you got the tattoo.



If you are in an occupation such as a seamstress or a woodworker, you may measure lots of things. Of course, you will always need a ruler. Why not get a tattoo of a ruler on your arm or even the outside or your leg so you can easily measure items? Just make sure that your tattoo artist makes the ruler division the correct sizes so the ruler measures correctly. You can then use the tattoo at work, but you can also use it for fun.


If you are always writing things on your hand or your arm to remember them, a useful tattoo would be one of a notepad. Get a tattoo of a notepad on the inside of the arm opposite of your writing arm. Once the tattoo heals, you can easily write notes on the lines of the notepad.

Medical Alert

People always have medical alert bracelets and medical alert necklaces. Why not have a medical alert tattoo? If you are diabetic, get that as a tattoo somewhere on your body so the doctors can easily see it. You can also put any food allergies, medicine allergies, or other health conditions as your tattoo. You’ll never have to be concerned about a doctor not knowing your medical condition.


If you work with numbers and need to know the digits of Pi, why not tattoo the digits of Pi on your body? You can tattoo as many numbers of it as you want. Make sure that your tattoo artist doesn’t get confused while tattooing the number.

Connect the Dots

Whenever you, your children, or your friends are bored at a place where you have to wait, you can take out a pen and have people connect the dots if you have a connect the dots tattoo. Choose a favorite line drawing or a favorite connect the dots puzzle and have your tattoo artist tattoo this on your body. If you have more than one favorite picture or more than one favorite connect the dots puzzle and you like tattoos, why not get as many of them done as possible?


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