5 Reasons Why People Get Tattoos

By | December 27, 2013

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Why did you get that tattoo? Nowadays, it seems like everybody has one, but why did that get that specific tattoo? I’ve asked around and used my personal experiences to explain why someone would go under the needle. This is in no way supposed to stereotype anyone, but answer some questions about why a person would decide to get something permanently imprinted on their skin. Personally, I fit in at least one of these categories,

Loved One

A lot of people I’ve spoken to or heard about get tattoos for or about loved ones. Some get them to remember a loved one who has passed away and some get their sons or daughters names or faces on them as a gesture of love. These people are serious about their body art, and it really is beautiful to hear about. These people have decided that their family member or close friend is important enough to permanently put them on their skin. That’s what I would call true love.


Another very common tattoo is the religious tattoo. More and more you can see crosses and the face of Jesus or Mary on people everywhere around the country. Many people get this tattoo as a sign of devotion to their beliefs, and is very commendable. If someone is that devout in what they believe, why shouldn’t they go under the needle. Also, I’ve personally talked to a few Christian youth group leaders who have religious tattoos, and they have all told me that there is nothing wrong with getting one.

Military Service

While a military tattoo might not be the most original idea ever, it’s still very popular. Why shouldn’t it be popular? Many people go into the military, and that is a big decision that becomes a part of you. So whenever you see an eagle or an American flag on someone, there is a good chance that person was in the military.


A few weeks ago, I asked my friend for the first time why he got a tattoo on his arm. He got the tattoo over a year ago, but I had just recently remembered to ask him why he got it. He replied that it was a mistake and that was all. It seems like a lot of people’s taste will change and in turn, they will refer to their tattoo as a mistake. This isn’t entirely uncommon, but with new ways of removing tattoos, it seems like this will become less common over time.

Just for Fun

Sometimes you’ll meet someone with a tattoo that they can’t quite explain. It might be intense or it might just be funny. These people will say that they just got it “because.” These tattoos can be a range of things. One thing is certain, they’ll almost certainly be original.

Whatever the reason that someone gets a tattoo, it will probably be a fun story to listen to. Of course there will be tattoos that don’t fit any of their categories, but these are definitely common reasons. Next time you can’t imagine why someone would get a tattoo just remember, people have their reasons.

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