5 Tattoos You Will Regret

By | December 24, 2013

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Name Tattoo

regrets tattoo

Regret often begins with the best of intentions. Getting a name design is no different, no one gets a boy/girl friends name tattooed on them anticipating there eventual break up. None the less the name of a former loved one is often the cause of much distress.

Logo Tattoo

Getting the name of a company or a logo is a really bad idea. Trends change and peoples taste change. The skateboard logo you love at eighteen will still be tattooed on your arm when you are fifty. Some thought must be put into the future before getting tattooed.

Novelty Tattoo

Novelty tattoos like mustaches on the finger and cartoon charters seem cute. But any design done simply to draw curiosity will surely be regretted as the joke wears thin and the ink remains. Tattooing is not funny and tattoo designs should not be a joke.

Cheap/Free Tattoo

You get what you pay for is no truer than in a tattoo shop.No artist with any skill will work for free or at a really reduced rate. Tattoo artist are trained professionals and free work will no doubt lead to regret as the artist will probably be limited in his skills.

Facial Tattoo

As cool as the tear drops look on your favorite rapper the reality is for most people getting facial tattoos will end in regret. Facial tattooing strips the wearer of all identity as they become that guy with the tattooed face. Facial tattooing is also the most closely associated with the criminal element and may draw unwanted attention.

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