A New and Improved Tattoo Ink

By | May 19, 2013

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by Holly Sanders
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

Infinit Ink

Infinit Ink is a new product created by a group of scientists called Freedom-2. Freedom-2 is a worldwide skin care company that created a more safer and removable tattoo ink. The tattoo ink that was created through Freedom-2 was named Infinit Ink. This new ink has given more choices to people who always wanted a tattoo, but didn’t like the permanency of them.

This new type of ink can be removed with just one laser treatment because the new ink is made from safe pigments of beta-carotene. For the first time in history, a tattoo ink has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The Infinit ink is used by applying it to the skin with a needle, just like a normal tattoo. The ink is also using a new platform called P2E that helps block the tattooed skin from harmful sun rays.

The new P2E sun block is called Nblock and it contains microscopic beads that protect the suns rays from penetrating the skin. This new P2E platform is also being used by Freedom-2 in the world of cosmetics, and new ways for people to take medication through the skin, rather than orally.

Freedom 2 is based in the United States, and it is a skin therapy company that researches and develops safer applications of pigments, dyes, and pharmaceuticals through encapsulated and biodegradable polymer micro beads. The company markets products to tattoos, cosmetics, and therapeutic industries.

Their main goals is provide applications that improve the health of the skin. The new tattoo ink was created by top leading chemists, tattoo artists, physicians, and cosmologists in the country.

P2E is a new technology called particle encapsulation and enhancement, and it is used to make micro sized biodegradable beads that are placed on or under a person’s skin. This product can help in many forms, such as the use of safe tattoo ink that can be removed with a laser, and for medical reasons that have been making in roads in the fight with HIV and Aids.

The Infinit Ink holds the microscopic beads inside of the ink, and they are placed into the tattoo as it is being created on the skin. The name of Infinit Ink is to signify that the tattoo placed on a persons skin is permanent, yet removable when a person decides they no longer want it. The clever spelling of the word infinte, with the e taken off is to further signify that the tattoo is not a permanent fixture to a person’s body.

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