A Review of Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear

By | January 20, 2014

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Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear has taken the fashion world by storm. The popular painter and tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy has an extremely popular fashion line of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing all designed by Christian Audigier. The popular and uber talented designer has taken the artwork of Ed Hardy and created a beautiful collection of eclectic and certainly electric clothing that is popular to people of all ages.

There is something about tattoos that carry an air of mystery and it is because each tattoo has a story that goes along with it. With Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear write your own story and fashion design by wearing what you feel in this fashion which is actually artwork. Ed hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear combined with the talent of designer Christian Audigier allows the wearer to truly express him or herself. Each and every tattoo has a specific name that is representative of the vintage tattoo art (www.donedhardy.com).

Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear for men also encompasses quite a line of clothing including items such as; board shorts, denim, outerwear, t-shirts, tops, underwear loungewear and much more. The shirts are quite popular with prices ranging from $62.00 for a t-shirt up to $116.00 for a pique polo with original Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo art. The men’s hoodies are really sharp from Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear with prices ranging from approximately $154.00 up to $187.00 (www.donedhardy.com).

Yes Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear even has something for kids with a wide selection from which to choose including items such as; hoodies, denims, t-shirts, tops, bottoms and more. Examples of prices for children’s Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear include short sleeve t-shirts for $48.00 and long sleeve tees ranging from $62.00 up to approximately $75.00 depending on the selection (www.donedhardy.com).

For women Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear offers a wide selection of tanks, t-shirts, jeans, shirts, dresses, hoodies, outerwear, swim wear and even intimate wear. Denim jeans sporting Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoos are quite popular and very much in demand. Prices for the unique clothing vary however the jeans sporting Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoos range in price from approximately $176.00 up to $216.00. The hoodies and outerwear which are quite popular are also very much in demand among the Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear. Prices for hoodies and outwear range from $149.00 up to $198.00 (www.donedhardy).

Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear is one of the top sellers in the fashion industry right now. Though it may be a little pricey the items still sell out because they are in fact the art of one of a most talented tattoo artist. For more information on Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear by Christian Audigier visit the official Web site for Don Ed Hardy or call 310-945-4605. (310) 945-4605

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