Acne Scar Removal – Methods To Get Rid Of Acne Scarring

By | February 6, 2014

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Many young people have to deal with acne issues. This can leave marks on your skin for a lifetime, even though the problem has been overcome. Many people are left with red marks and scars on their face, neck or back. Acne scars are what remains on the skin.

You may wonder, what is the treatment to eliminate the acne scars? Well there are different options available, some that contain natural ingredients and some that use harsh chemicals and ingredients. The variety of products that can help you is large, however, there is always the doubt about which is the best one.

Acne Scar Removal Treatments

Acne scar removal is a serious issue and all methods involve different techniques. Laser resurfacing is one option for acne scar removal. Laser resurfacing helps diminish minor wrinkles and acne scars by polishing the skin. The idea is to get rid of damaged skin cells and promote the growth of new ones. This process can take anywhere from 4-6 sessions depending on the severity of the acne scars. Many people are satisfied with the outcome one the procedures have concluded. There are some negative aspects to this treatment as well. Some people may experience redness, additional scarring, skin discoloration and dryness. Not everyone should use this method and should be cautious.

Dermabrasion is another technique used to repair acne scars. This practice comes with a higher risk as it can be quite abrasive. The surface layers of the skin are essentially sanded off with a high-speed electric tool. Old cells are swept away, leaving fresh skin. Certain precautions must be taken before receiving Dermabrasion such as local anesthetic or freezing. Bleeding may occur during this treatment and the recovery time may be lengthy. Patients may result in redness for up to 12 weeks. Results may vary depending on the severity of the acne scars. It can also cause a change in pigmentation for people with darker skin.

Microdermabrasion is a less intense treatment compared to Dermabrasion. It is much less invasive and can help achieve comparable results. No internal medicines are required and the results appear quicker. It also removes dead, rough skin cells on the surface but through exfoliation. By taking off the dead skin, your face will look renewed. Microdermabrasion restores the skin to a more youthful look without acne scars. This treatment will accelerate skin renewal.

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