America Tattoo

By | June 30, 2013

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by Vincy
(Bombay, India)

Tattoo - Bombay

Tattoo – Bombay

This America Tattoo is on my leg.

It words desribing my feeling for America.

This was done in Goa, India in the year 2009, August.

I forgot the name of the Artist but he was good at his work, friendly and creative.

It took him about a little over one hour to complete it.

We spoke all the while and I didnt experience any pain.

Pierre Reply:

Americans enjoy creating unique designs and when it comes to needling, they love experiencing distinct looks for American flag tats.

American tattoo artists have designed numerous layouts of their flag; representing it as if it’s flying for instance, or rendering it so that it seems to be just like the patch from a military uniform.

Often you will see layered American flags combining subjects such as eagles and crosses.

Certain immigrants who have moved to the U.S.A. from Asia or Europe take great pride in wearing American flag tats.

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