Ancient Homemade Body Hair Removal Techniques

By | February 6, 2014

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Removing hair was an important beauty treatment in ancient times. Men, women, and even children were taken more seriously when their skin was smooth. It was a sign of well-being. It was assumed that well-off people had the money and the time to take care of themselves if they had smooth skin. It was also a way to feel fresh. Removing body hair kept odors and bugs away.

Sugar paste, Haldi paste and threading are removing hair techniques used back then that are still used today. Sugar paste is similar to waxing. You can buy sugar paste or use your own homemade body hair removal paste.

It is made of one cup of sugar, lemon juice from half a lemon, and a quarter cup of honey. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and microwave for three minutes. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth consistency. Let it cool.

Dust the area you want to remove hair from with cornstarch. Rub the warm mixture onto the area in a thin, even layer in the same direction as the hair grows and cover with a clean cloth strip.

Pull quickly the strip away from the skin against the growth pattern. Sugaring is supposed to be less hurtful than using wax, but still hurts. Making the sugar paste yourself is cheap and easy.

Haldi paste is a mixture of yogurt, besan flour and haldi (turmeric). Haldi is a spice. These ingredients can be purchased at grocery stores that stock Indian or international items. This paste is applied gently on the area with the hair and left until dry. When dry, rub the paste away against the growth pattern.

Haldi paste is primarily used by people with darker complexion due to the yellowing caused by the turmeric. This is not a immediate technique. Haldi paste must be used several times over many weeks.

It is not a lasting body hair removal technique but it will reduce the hair growth over time. Haldi paste is best for fine hair. Another benefit of using Haldi paste is that it is said to stabilize the skin tone and leave the skin pampered and clear.

The last ancient technique I have to describe is epilation. When threading you use a twisted cotton thread to pull hairs out by the root. It sounds painful, but it is more gentle than tweezers. Epilation is very popular in Asian countries and is gaining popularity in the USA.

Epilation isn’t permanent, but results can endure for as much as six weeks. Over time, epilation can cause damage to the hair follicles resulting in less hair growth. Epilation is clean, fast, and semi permanent. However, it can be difficult to find an expert threader.

People in ancient times were very determined to use readily available ingredients to aid in their beauty routines. body hair removal was critical to them. Enterprising Americans have come up with alternative do-it-yourself solutions based on these old techniques. body hair removal is still a very critical part of beauty rituals all over the world.

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