Angel Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

By | January 22, 2014

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Angel tattoo is a perfect design for both men and women who want a mild type of tattoo design. Angels are familiar religious symbol and their existence makes many things for us. People with a strong belief in angels take them as a mark in their lives like that of having their typical angel tattoo in their bodies.

Angels are depicted in many different forms. The common image of angels is as illustrated in the Christian Bible. They have the form a grown man wearing a white robe and wings protrude on their backs. They possess a very important role in the heaven and are assigned by God to guard and watch his faithful servants.

For some, angels are perceived to be a young kid or a baby with a very mild and gentle face. Others might see them with halos to express their being divine or holy. There have been some forms of women or girl angels in astonishing white dress and “angelic” faces. And of course not to forget the most popular image of angels during the Valentine’s Day. Cupid is the angel of “Love” who is often represented by a cuddle young baby boy.

In the various era or period in history, people know that aside from these holy, divine-willed angels there exists the opposite kind of angels. They are known to be the demons. Some angel tattoos also come in this form. The angel of death, the angel of some sort of a magical realm as illustrated by the popular computer or online games, the angel of war and many other angels inclined to the bad side are some of the examples.

As we are aware of this tattoo thing as a form of self-expression, the latter type of angels deviate from what is the common perception about angels. Being the messenger between God and the mortal, the typical angel tattoo is designed with a trumpet, harp, wand, scepter or sword.
These things somehow tell us what kind of role they are playing in the heavens. For the bad angels, most common things associated with them are tridents, swords, and other materials related with war and killing.

Although there are different points of view when it comes to the real form of the angels, people can still enjoy the fashionable and attractive designs of angel tattoos. Whatever your personality says, whether you choose the good or bad image, the angel tattoo is all yours.

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