Animal Tattoos

By | June 18, 2013

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by Eva Martinez
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

Animals are very popular and many people love animals. Almost every person, whether they are a huge animal enthusiast or not, has a favorite animal that they like. As animals are such a popular thing for many people, it should come as no surprise to any person, that there are many people that have animal tattoos.

There are a few different reasons why a person would get an animal tattoo to begin with and there are also obviously many different kinds of animal tattoos that an individual can get on their body.

Some people will get a tattoo of an animal not because it is their favorite animal necessarily, but rather because it represents something that they believe in. Many people might get a tattoo of a lion because it represents power or being king of the jungle, so to speak. There are also many people who might get a horse because it represents beauty. There are some people who might get a dog because it represents loyalty.

There are some people who will get a bird because it represents freedom and the ability to be unharnessed by certain things. Likewise, some people may get a tattoo of an eagle as some form of representation of the United States of America. There are tons of different symbolic references for a lot of different animals that many people will choose to get a tattoo of.

Then there are people who will get a tattoo of their favorite animal because either they just love the animal so much or like the way it looks a lot and therefore want to get a tattoo of it. A lot of people have a pet that they love and therefore want to get a tattoo that looks similar to it.

Some people will get a tattoo of their dog or their cat once it has passed on as a way to remember it while others just may get it while they are living because they love their pets so much. There are also people who will get a tattoo of an animal that they do not necessarily own, but just love and love the look of. There are plenty of animals that are not domesticated that people love and get tattoos of, such as elephants or bears.

Tattoos of animals are one of the more common tattoos that many people will get and they could represent a multitude of different things and the same animal tattoo can mean different things for any person who has it.

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