Arabic Mehndi Designs

By | February 23, 2014

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Arabic mehndi designs: Naturally made makeup product is henna that is termed as mehndi. This is a protective way to abolish skin problems by using other tattoo making chemicals. Arabic mehndi designs are not so different form Indian and Pakistani mehndi designs. These designs are not so rigid but their rigidity depends on the occasion. Occasional mehndi designs: These designs are marked as bellow. 1. Wedding occasion. 2. Islamic occasions. Wedding occasion: This occasion is a very habituating and charming occasion of a girl’s life. The designing used on these occasion is so rigid time consuming but much beautiful than any other tattoos. Mostly Arabic brides used to wear white clothing on wedding day. White colored mehndi patterns are used to decorate a bride’s figure. It’s not enough to make up a bride without henna tattoos. Black used as bride tattoo making shake because it is a best color provider chemical. If talk about the Arabic mehndi tradition. T

here is a unique style of body decoration like a bird on the palm of bride and the bird is peacook. Islamic occasions: Islamic traditions are of different types but according to mehndi designs two of them are most popular 1. Eid-ul-fiter. This ceremony is held after the Holy month of Ramadan-Ul-Mubarak. The last night of Ramadan-Ul-Mubarak is called “chand raat” and the mehndi ceremony is continuo till morning. All the girls of Muslim countries enjoy this night with mehndi design. The designing used on this occasion is highly impressive but not so time consuming. Simplicity of these designs distinguishes between occasions. The designing used on wedding occasions is complex but it’s not so. Mostly boys made tattoos on their muscles, these tattoos are looking like a ray of fire on their bodies, and these are made to increase the beauty of their figure. Girls use to make a sunflower shaped flower on their palm or on the upper hand but the designing on the back is commonly used because the girls who wear half blouses think that this is the best way to attract any one towards them. 2. Eid-ul-azha. This occasion comes with the two great out comes first is Eid and the second one is “Hajj”. The mehndi celebration also elaborate this occasion, girls try mehndi designs with different styles like flowers, bird tattoos, sun shaped designs and many other designs. Here we can say that henna is the heart of every occasion for Muslims as well as Hindus.

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