Are Tattoos Just A Trend

By | May 26, 2015

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“trend” of tattoos at KS among the student body. More specifically, many people have name tattoos on their upper Tattoos are more than just ink on the skin; they have symbolism and depth. According to Pao, there are also

Robberies, rapes and the list goes on. This crime trend in not stopping any where in the near future, instead it seems as if it is gradually attention was the tattoos, on their neck, hands into some of Gilroy’s street gangs but I just didn’t see them as criminals, I saw

trend in natural history museums, dinosaurs and temporary tattoos, just to name a few. Museums immediately took advantage of this market by creating new blockbuster t.;xhibitions, which only helped fuel America's dinomania renaissance. The

Sailors picked up, mostly piercing just the ears. Now the trend has expanded and the possibility to pierce most body parts exists.

"Just Enough" Capacity Static Dynamic . 85% of the world's population "tattoos," and accessories emerges as a ten billion dollar industry by 2016. The Internet of Things •Driving the trend: Embedded sensors

just thinking about getting inked, read this. BY JASON HIDALGO FEW YEARS AGO, Donna Masly, 25, got a tattoo on her right bicep. A Taurus, Tattoos used to be a rocker-chick/bad-girl thing. These days, though, your

Bieber lyrics from the hit song “baby” are just a few reasons you may want to get a tattoo. In 2005, McLaughlin claimed that nearly 20% of Americans have a tattoo. In 2010, TATTOOS AND THEIR INFLUENCES ON COLLEGE STUDENTS 5

Although Amelia Emory considers herself a normal college student, Amelia has a secret that many people do not know about. “I just like to look at them; I think they are so said she believes the increasing trend will continue. “It is becoming more accepted in our society,” Waggoner

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