Are you tattooed much?

By | February 9, 2014

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What's your views on tattoos?

Offensive tattoos? Is there such a thing?

Religious tattoos?

Are all tattoos somehow religious and/or superstitious?

I have had talks with a couple American Muslims about tattoo as art and it's uses. It showed they were reviewing their religious beliefs, and attempting to justify rationality in them. They approached me, and in each case, they said, “You have Allah tattooed on you?!?”

“Huh”, I would say. You see, on the inside of my left forearm I have a tattoo of the astrological symbol for Virgo. It's not highly scripted artistically, but has some flare below it. The Virgo symbol might be recognized as – an “M” with a loop off the third stem on the right – and I have some lines below that as part of the art. The Arabic way to write Allah can be recognized as – a “W” written in script-like technique, with a connection on it's left side, and lines of other symbols above it.

So I turned my arm the other way for the fellow(s), and explained what they thought it was, was something conceptually similar. Just another meme, and more imaginary lang

language symbols.

They then (both) were interested in whether or not a tattoo honoring Allah could really be considered haram, shirk, or anything of the sort. After all, if tattoos exist, tattoos come from Allah.

Turdel… It's very interesting that even non-theistic (and so called secular) tattoos do have superstitious meaning to them. The recipient ALWAYS ties a special meaning to a tattoo.

Tattoos are a form of expression, just like dying hair, clothing, piercings, etc.

I feel like there are a lot of people that don't like tattoos, and are ready to condemn anyone that has tattoos. Which is wrong. The majority of people that I know with tattoos are wonderful people. I hate the stigma that people have attached to tattoos.

But I don't think they all have to be religious or superstitious. Some people get things because they look cool, some people get things that mean something to them (parents getting pictures of their kids tattooed to them, or a person getting the name of a relative that has died, for example). Those don't have anything to do with religion or superstitions. Now, there are plenty of tattoos that are religious or superstitious, but that doesn't really mean anything about the rest of them that aren't.

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