Arm Tattoos for Guys

By | December 31, 2013

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Tattoos have been a very popular means of expression for men and women all over the world for many years now. Its prominence is more visible today due to the rapid emergence of the Internet and television, and the number of celebrities and famous personalities sporting tattoos has also led to its immense popularity. This does not mean that tattoos did not exist a few centuries ago. By all means they did, it’s just that they have widespread visibility today.

Getting a tattoo is more than just making a fashion statement. In almost all cases the individual has a personal connection with the tattoo and the design signifies something in their life. Permanently inking a design on your body requires you to have a personal connection with your tattoo, or you may end up regretting getting the tattoo in the first place, after a period of time.

Where to Get a Tattoo

The impact of a tattoo design greatly depends on the position of the tattoo on your body. Some people prefer to get a tattoo in a place that will not be visible to one and all, whereas others choose to openly flaunt their tattoo designs. It’s all a matter of personal choice at the end of the day. There are no fixed notions about what place is good to get a tattoo, and what place is not. But one of the most common places to get a tattoo for guys is definitely the arms.

The most advantageous factor that helps in the decision-making process is the convenience of hiding or displaying the tattoo as and when you please. Simply wearing a long sleeved shirt will cover up the tattoo if it is unsuitable for a particular situation. Similarly, to flaunt the tattoo all you need to do is wear a short sleeved or a sleeveless shirt. Another major advantage of arm tattoos for men is that the pain experienced while getting a tattoo on the arm is comparatively much lesser than some other body parts. The presence of a large amount of muscle on the arm is the cause for this lesser degree of pain.

Popular Arm Tattoos Designs

The varieties that are available for tattoo designs are endless. There is a multitude of designs that you can choose from, or you can even come up with a design by yourself. The imagination and the skill of the tattoo artist also plays a major part in the novelty of tattoo designs. You can even design your own tattoo. Here are a few designs that can be made use of while getting arm tattoos for guys.

  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Aztec Designs
  • Polynesian Designs
  • Shooting Stars
  • Tiger Designs
  • Chinese Symbols
  • Chinese Dragons
  • Celtic Designs
  • Japanese Art
  • Zodiac Tattoos

Choosing an Arm Tattoo

In most cases there are three broad types of arm tattoos that can be chosen. An individual can choose the most appropriate one out of these three, depending on their personal tastes and preferences. These three types are the shoulder, the forearm or a sleeve tattoo (the entire arm). The techniques adopted by the tattoo artist for each of these types of tattoos is different from each other.

Forearm tattoos can vary immensely in size and design. The inner forearm or the outer forearm are the variations available under this category. The shoulder tattoo can be present on the front of the shoulder, on the side or even behind the shoulder (on the shoulder blade). Tattoos that are made on the shoulder are usually very bold and contain very bright colors.

Sleeve tattoos, as the name suggest, encompass the entire arm like a sleeve. The length of the entire tattoo is decided by the individual, but for it to qualify as a sleeve tattoo it should go around the entire arm and cover the whole area. Most common sleeve tattoos begin from the elbow and reach the shoulder, but some also cover the entire forearm as well. The options and the variety available for sleeve tattoos are endless.

Before you decide on a place to get your arm tattoo, you must be sure of the place you really want it. The most important thing to keep in mind while getting arm tattoos is obviously the design, but the positioning of the tattoo on your body also comes a close second. Settling for the wrong place to get your tattoo can have a lot of negative repercussions in the future. So make sure that you choose wisely.

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