Armband Tattoo Designs

By | October 13, 2013

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Usually armband tattoo designs are placed at the top of the arm, at the largest section of the biceps.

armband-tattoo-designs-armFor those who have well-muscled arms, a tattoo will certainly reveal the results of your efforts.

Armband tattoos benefit from the armband shape.

If you have to cover your tattoo where you work, an armband is easily hidden by a long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved t-shirt.

Celtic designs with delicately tilted outlines can be a good choice for your next armband tattoo. A cross with old fashioned motifs is another favorite.

Tribal armband tattoos do not generally symbolize any kind of special tradition.

armband-tattoo-designs-tribal-nautical-starThe layouts include bold, solid-coloreddesigns, together with rounded outlines with a natural look and feel.

Armband body art is also a long-establishedHawaiian tradition.

It is often said that the external area of theupper arm is just about the least painful spot to get a tattoo.

That is one good reason that upper arm and shoulder tats are usually very popular.

Although most applications of armband tattoos are generally only mildly painful it should be noted that the thinner skin of your inner arm is much more sensitive.

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