Back Neck Tattoos

By | September 30, 2013

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Exactly how prominent back neck tattoos can possibly be?

back-neck-tattoos-magpie-tribalIf I only could recommend one thing to you, it would be to make sure that you really do research before getting a tattoo on the back of your neck.

Having a tattoo is common today, but when you are considering neck tattoos you should choose carefully.

Back or side of the neck is a stunning area to place Asian symbols, make absolutely certain you fully comprehend exactly what the character means before you decide to allow it to be inked on your skin.

As this is a region of the body which is much harder to hide or cover up, it is very important to choose a tattoo that suits your own identity and that you will feel completely comfortable having it shown to everyone.

If you’re interested in getting something discreet, sweet, or perhaps a bit naughty make sure you opt for a smaller sized tattoo, since a larger tattoo is going to attract a lot more attention.

Do you have a preference for a tattoo with bold colors? It is possible to find just about any pattern for your neck, but figuring out the color or shade as well as sizing will certainly restrict your options significantly.

Many folks have body art on the side or even the back of the neck.


Is this particular spot dangerous?

It certainly is not dangerous, except if you visit an inexperienced tattoo artist.

The only way that your neck tattoo will be harmful is to your job.

If you have a company job or a place of work that frowns upon tattoos your employers likely won’t appreciate the body art on your neck.

The neck and the side of the neck are known to be sexy parts of the body and that is why I feel that tats in this area will look sexy.

Aren’t Rihanna’s back neck tattoos sexy?


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