Best Friend Tattoos

By | February 5, 2014

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I have many friends, friends I made in school, friends I made in college, and friends who work with me. I just don’t make any random friends, they’re all special to me. But at times I feel down and low, at times I feel there’s no way to go. My Facebook status says it all, and my friends comment, ‘should we give you a call?’ And then I hear my doorbell ring, and there’s my friend with a smile and a drink. We walk and talk, say ‘cheers’ to our drink, and then I know I don’t have to think. For I know now who my Best Friend is, for now I know who my best friend is…!

In life we tend to meet a lot of people and make loads of friends, friends at school, college, work or social gatherings. But all of us in our heart know the difference between a “friend” and a “best friend”. We may have many friends, but best friends are very few, mostly just one. A best friend is a family that we choose for ourselves, and for most of us, the bond shared with a best friend is much more closer than that with the family. A best friend is a confidant who would listen to your crappiest talks and actions. A best friend is the one who will slap you for your goof ups but never leave you alone to deal with them. You don’t have to be someone else to be with your best friend, you just have to be the way you are. The reason why you’re looking for some ‘best friend tattoo ideas’ is because you do have someone like this in your life, right? Trust me, you should thank your lucky stars for that! The moments that are shared with a best friend do leave a print of fond memories in our hearts, and a tattoo is a great way to show how much he / she means to you, that you are incomplete without them being in your life. There are many ways to show our best friend how special he or she is to us, you can write a poem, a song, create a scrapbook with pictures or get personalized gifts for your best friend, but personally, I feel that a tattoo would be like a milestone of expressing your fondness or your dedication to your best friend. So, what can you ink? Well, if you have a friendship song that you guys hum or sing together all the time you can ink its lyrics, you can also ink a poem that you have written on your friendship, or may be a friendship quote that is your favorite! Here are some different ideas that could help you in making the bond more stronger and showing the world that you guys are BFFsbest friends forever!

A Tattoo as Unique as Your Friendship

Each and every bond of friendship is different and unique. The journey of just ‘knowing’ a person to slowly becoming from an acquaintance to the “best friend for life”, is a unique experience in itself. You can always choose a tattoo design which symbolizes this journey of knowing each other. Make the tattoo as unique as your best friend. For example, I know two best friends who have a tattoo of an elevator which says; “stuck on the floor of friendship forever”. This is because the first time they had met, they were stuck in the elevator for almost 2 hours. Another unique way of picturing your friendship can be tattooing a photo of your best friend along with you, something like a portrait tattoo. This would be an awesome way of always being together, captured in the moment for infinity. If this sounds too mushy, then you can also consider tattooing an incident that helped you realize how much you value each other. As an example I would like to cite the situation wherein a fireman got stuck in the building during the 9/11 attacks. When he thought he wouldn’t make it, his best friend, who also was his co-worker, risked his own life to save his best friend’s life. He rescued the person but he himself suffered from various burn marks and severe injuries. He had to stay in the hospital for almost 2 months to recover from the injury. So, the one who was saved dedicated a tattoo for his best friend who turned into a ‘guardian angel’ on that date. He inked a picture of a phoenix emerging itself out of the fire flames and casting the shadow of its wings to protect the victim. The phoenix depicted the heroic friend who becomes his savior, and the 9/11 reminds him of the date which made him realize that true friends always stand by you! This was his own special way of telling his best friend how much he means to him. So, if you have a special moment with your best friend, why not consider tattooing it?

Match it Up to the Same Tune!

One of the most adorable idea for inking a tattoo dedicated to your best friend is to match them. Either you and your best friend can ink exactly the same tattoos, or, you can make it more puzzle like, as in, you can ink half a tattoo on your body and the other half on your best friend’s body in such a way that when both of them are joined together, the whole tattoo is complete. The ideal location of such tattoos would be the ends of your outer palms, or fingers. Even the ends of your feet, calf muscles, or waist would also be pretty cool. Just choose whatever location suits you the best. Another tattoo idea in this section could be getting matching tattoos at the same place portraying the same kind of love, liking, and affection for each other. It could also be a similar thing that brings you together, say music? If you and your best friend love a similar genre of music, or have a favorite song or tune that you guys keep humming all the time, then why not ink it on yourselves? Or you can ink your best friend’s favorite tune on yourself and your best friend can do the same. Use your imagination, go down the memory lane, and think, what is it that brings you two together, what is the similarity between you two? Is it music, sports, a common creative outlook, or just mere respect for each other. Whatever it is, it will be your own unique way of expressing your friendship, and it will be your own original and unique tattoo design.

Do you Have a Favorite Best Friend Quote?

This is yet again a very innovative and special way of saying to each other what your best friend means to you. It’s like you are tattooing your feelings in words and telling each other all the time how special your friendship is! There are many best friend sayings which all of us have read at some point or the other, and I’m sure that among those are some quotes which really touched our heart, maybe because of the words, depth, meaning, or the relevance…, the reason could be anything! Tattooing your best friend’s favorite quote on yourself and vice-versa, or tattooing a common friendship quote written by someone else or even you, seems to be a great best friend tattoo idea to me.

A Tattoo that Depicts the Cuteness of Your Friendship

Well, speaking of cute best friend tattoos, friendship is a cute relationship anyway, isn’t it? You fight, you play, you laugh, you cry, at times you hate each other and never want to see each other’s face, and the next moment you realize that even though you are fighting, it’s impossible to live without each other. Doesn’t all this remind you of the all-time enemies cum best friends, Tom and Jerry! Getting a tattoo of Tom and Jerry, for example, could be a cute way of showing your friend, that even though the opposites, you complement each other. Remember the 3 musketeers? If you are the 3 best friends always hanging out together, then I’m sure that even today, most of the people would refer to your group as the group of ‘the three musketeers’, ain’t I right? If you also have certain individual traits, or a common message that makes your bond all the more stronger, then you can display it with a tattoo. See the ‘deaf, blind, and shut‘ tattoo above? If you follow the rule “Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil” or any other motto in your life, why not artistically tattoo it? For all the girls (or guys) who want the tattoo to be all the more cute, try consider images of animals, cartoon characters, flowers, or anything else that are cute to both of you in a significantly special way. An example for the same would be inking your nicknames that you have given each other…, and what about a caricature? That would be cute too!

When choosing the tattoo design, the points to be taken into consideration purely depend from person to person. I always come across people seeking ideas for friendship tattoo designs from others. How do you expect a third person to understand the intensity of the relationship with your best friend? According to me, the best person to refer to is only and only your best friend. We can, of course, help you with the rough draft but the final print needs to be decided by you guys only. The bottom line is that you are wanting to get a tattoo for only and only your best friend, and who understands your friendship and your bond better than the two (or more) of you? So choose a design that is somehow a symbol of the friendship that you share with your best friend, and which is unique in its own way.

I hope this article helps you in assembling the beautiful and valued pieces of the memories in your heart, into a masterpiece tattoo that will always remain on your body. Make your tattoo as unique, special and memorable as your best friend is to you. Good luck!

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