Biker Tattoo

By | July 3, 2013

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Bikers are already well-known tat enthusiasts but biker tattoo doesn’t have to automatically be all skull tats blended with crossbones.


For example, some of the best rider layouts have been associated with animals or birds.

Many of the greatest tattoo designs that I have seen are biker tats creations.

Most of these folks really know what looks great and are certainly not worried about getting tattoos on their skin.

This is probably why they have so many tattoos.

It’s actually a sign of their strength that they are able to relax and be tattooed for several hours at a time.


I have witnessed a lot of awesome rider styles and designs over time.
Most of the biker gangs feature body art that is special to them as well as to their particular pledge.

biker-tattoo-pierre-armSome other biker tats are generally associated with their personality, and will often be personalized just like many tattoos.

My favorite biker body art is the one I’ve got on my left arm; it’s a bulldog face holding a golden sword between his claws with a streamer over it with ” M Salty Dogs C”.

The M and C represent Motorcycle Cluband a ribbon at the bottom with my nick name “Frenchy” is written in FrenchScript.

I have seen extraordinary layouts of body art among the numerous biker clubs I have been to.

When you look for biker tattoos think beyond the jail tattoo that people often affiliate with these folks.

Examine the high quality and designs these particular biker groups are creating and get ready to change any preconceived notions you might have.

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