Blade Tattoos

By | January 5, 2014

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Before I start writing about all kinds of shoulder blade tattoos and its designs, let’s reflect over some facts about tattoos in general. Tattoo or skin marking, was born some 5,000 years ago. For centuries, people have practiced this form of body modification for different purposes like religious devotion, rite of passage, sign of fertility in men and women, to express their individuality, for confession of love and sacrifice, etc. Every individual has their own motive behind getting tattoos as a permanent statement, about their lifestyle and its meaning.

Nowadays, getting a tattoo isn’t considered to be a provocative subject. More and more people are getting influenced by tattoos and it has become a silent expression of who you really are. There are many Hollywood actors with tattoos like Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Alyssa Milano, Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, and Justin Timberlake. These stars have made tattoos their style statements and a means to express their individuality.

Many people get tattoos done on their backs, shoulders, arms, legs, hips, and even faces. One of my favorite places to get tattoos is on the shoulder blade. Shoulder blade tattoos are famous among men and women all around the world. There are no limitations to who can get them and which designs are appropriate. Over time, there have been great advances on blade tattoo designs; let’s look at some blade tattoo designs and its implications.

Tattoos for Women

If you still think that tattoos are for big muscled men, think again. Women all over the world are finding tattoos to be much more than a body art. There are no gender-based tattoos or distinguished designs that only women can have. Women are breaking the stereotypical tattoos designs like fish, butterflies, stars, flowers, and birds, to skulls, lizards, and other abstract designs. Many shoulder tattoos for women are delicate, attractive, and very feminine. But it’s no longer shocking to see women sporting bold colored abstract tattoos that are preferred by men. It will be wrong of me to say that certain tattoos should be drawn at particular places on the body. There are billions of tattoo designs that can be drawn at various different parts of the body. It’s a personal choice that varies from person to person.

Tattoos for Men

I’ve seen few of my male friends getting tattoos as soon as they became adults. For them it was like coming of age symbol or a form of rebellion. If you are looking for shoulder blade tattoo designs, choose them wisely. The design will stay with you forever, unless you are looking into tattoo removal options. The design should have a special meaning behind it to make it stand out and noticeable. Shoulder tattoos for guys are popular because guys have sufficient space for them, as compared to women. So the outcome of these tattoos will be bold and “in your face”. Some tattoos can also be interpretations of a group, race, and culture.

Tribal Tattoos

Popular among men, tribal tattoos are the most painful. Tattoos drawn over meaty flesh are less painful, but when the needle is right over the bone, it can hurt like anything. The back shoulder blade area is a popular choice for both men and women as it gives maximum space to be creative with the design. Whether it is colorful or in black ink, tribal tattoos are appealing to the eyes. It generally doesn’t have a message because of its emphasis on patterns rather than content. But some tattoo designs do have hidden meanings in them. All these depends on each individual getting the tattoo as to what he/she wants to represent.

A tattoo is close and dear to heart of the person who gets it. It holds a sentimental value for the wearer, and shouldn’t be a means to judge him/her. So instead of guessing what the person is like, why not ask him what that tattoo design means. You might just appreciate the person instead. These tattoos are easily visible and appreciated by everyone. If you have a tattoo on your shoulder or are planning to get one, show them off with attitude, because they are a part of your individuality.

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