Body Hair Removal – Tips and Information

By | February 10, 2014

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Women who want to look good and be well groomed have to look at each and every aspect of grooming. Starting from their hair to their feet, they have to really maintain themselves. One aspect that really creates a lot of problem is the body hair. Body hair can make you look really untidy and lousy! A lot of women have unwanted hair they want to get rid off, either by permanent hair removal system like Home Laser Hair Removal or by a temporary hair removal system. Hair removal is a method of removing hair from the human body.This body hair can exists on legs, arms, underarms, face or on the bikini line. Women will definitely consider one or the other form of hair removal to get rid of body hair.

Let us look at some of these hair removal techniques. There are basically 2 types of hair removing procedures and they are:

  • Depilation: A hair removing procedure of removing hair from above the surface of the skin is known as Depilation (see info about depilatories). Shaving is the most common form.
  • Epilation: Another hair removing procedure of removing the entire hair of the body right from the roots below the skin is known as Epilation. Waxing is the commonly used method.

Some of the parts of the body where hair is most noticeable and that are most commonly waxed, trimmed, plucked, or shaved are the abdomen, armpits, hands, back, chest, eyebrows, legs, face.

Depilation and Epilation include the following techniques:

  • Shaving, this can be done manually or with electric shavers. Before starting on the procedure of shaving, it is quite necessary to exfoliate the skin and open pores first. This can be done by wetting the body with water and then using a body scrub. After scrubbing, you should apply a good shaving gel or cream to the skin before you finally start to shave.
  • Creams or “shaving powders”, which dissolve hair chemically. These are body hair removal creams that need to be applied to the body and kept for certain minutes before removing. Care must be taken that they are not kept on the skin more than the required time.
  • Plucking, where hairs are plucked with tweezers or with fingers. This method is generally used on the face, to groom the eyebrows and upper lips. It is basically used to do away with minor stray hair.
  • Threading, here the hair is plucked with the help of a thread. This method too, is most commonly used for facial hair.
  • Waxing, in which the hair is pulled out by applying a hot or cold layer of wax on the skin and then removed with strips placed on this area. This is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. The hair reappears after a long time when the skin is waxed. Waxing removes the hair from its roots and also helps in making the skin smooth. Over a period of time, it has been noticed that the hair growth becomes lesser and the hair that appears on the skin is much finer.
  • Use of mechanical devices that rapidly grasp hairs and pull them out from the roots.
  • A permanent hair removal method such as Electrolysis hair removal, Laser and Intense Pulsed Light. It is important to note that the permanent hair removal methods do have some disadvantages. Apart from their high cost, they can give rise to certain skin and medical problems. Therefore, it is imperative to do a thorough research about the methods before you start on the procedure.

Even you can opt for some of the natural hair removing methods from home only, this is known as home hair removal. It is very easy and has no side effects. The following are some of the ways in which you can do home hair removal:

  1. Bleaching hair with lemon juice and chamomile tea.
  2. Combining honey, lemon and sugar you can create a mixture. It is used in a similar way to waxing. It pulls the hair from the roots.
  3. Pumice stone which is a rough stone can be used to remove hair by causing friction in the skin.
  4. You can use those hair removal products that use only natural ingredients.

Ingrown hair removal is a procedure used by many women these days. This is because ingrown hair can be uncomfortable and cause a feeling of constant tenderness, itching or tingling. There are various clinics which offer this treatment of ingrown hair removal. There are many reasons which causes this ingrown hair problem and they are:

  • When skin suffers from lack of moisture.
  • Presence of excess oil around the hair follicles.
  • Dense curly hair growing in a curved hair follicle is another reason.
  • Even Improper shaving technique with a blade can also be a reason.

So take your pick and use the hair removal procedure that you feel most comfortable with!

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