Bracelet Tattoo Designs

By | September 7, 2013

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Ideas for cute bracelet tattoo designs.

If you love music and want to get a bracelet tattoo done, you can choose a tattoo which includes music notations.

This really looks beautiful and depicts your love for music.

One of the most popular and stylish options is calligraphy designs.

You can choose any word or phrase you like and get it as a bracelet tattoo design.

You can choose the name of a loved one or simply words that are perhaps deeply meaningful to you such as: believe, faith, love, passion, andsuccess.

A chain of nautical stars can even make fantastic wrist tattoo designs.


Flower tattoos designs are popular with women. You can choose any kind of flower, depending on its meaning.

If you don’t want to wear tattoos in typical black and blue designs, you can think about white-ink tattoos.

These tattoos are not obvious like their traditional counterparts, but do have the elegance and attractiveness.

A very good idea for couples is to have half tattoos done on their wrists or ankle.

When both wrists are held closer, the tattoo is complete.

A half-heart design is a suitable example. Like flower tattoos, you may even consider colorful butterfly designs or a fresh tulip tattoo.

You can create a lovely combination using butterfly and flower tattoos.


These are tattoo designs which benefit from a substantial amount of color.

Tribal designs are also one of the most appealing designs not only in wrist tattoos but other forms as well.

You can experiment with curves, corners, shapes, rings, and colors. Bracelet tattoo designs are one of the simplest tattoos for the wrist or the ankle.

They are normally done just for the sake of style.

Bird designs such as doves, love birds, hummingbirds, robins, peacocks etc. make cute tattoos for girls.

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