Brad Tattoo

By | May 29, 2013

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Brad tattoo – Brad Pitt got four tattoo designs that we could find out, which includes an outline tattoo design showing Ötzi the Iceman, on his left arm.


Brad Pitt has also an extremely fascinating tattoo design on his lower back, which is apparently simply a variety of lines of horizontal type, but gossip has the suggestion these particular outlines stand for the particular levees which unfortunately smashed around New Orleans, in the course of huge hurricane Katrina (2005). Brad Pitt happens to be seriously interested in local area reconstructing developments.

Brad newest tattoo design is actually on his chest which can be designed in Khmer and as a result says 6/4/75, Angelina’s birthday.

One day Brad was an invitee on Oprah show to advertise his last brand new motion picture together with Cate Blanchett.

Throughout the show, a big fan of 17 years contacted and asked Pitt a question live, with the help of web cam. Christina, the fan, started to question Pitt concerning the meaning powering his numerous tattoo designs, particularly about the iceman tattoo design, at that time Pitt switched bright crimson and definitely would not talk about these important questions!


Brad didn’t also reveal the crowd that particular tattoo designs… what exactly is the point to have tattoos if nobody can see them?

After that, while Christina persisted to communicate information on the subject of the actual spots of Brad’s tattoo designs, poor Brad he became much more uncomfortable!

Christina continued referring to the iceman tattoo design that Brad had… regrettably Brad simply just appeared to be embarrassed with it.

Angelina Jolie never tried to hide any of her tattoo designs!


I really don’t have an understanding of the reason why Brad Pitt can have this inclination to secrecy regarding his tattoo designs!

Brad tattoo on forearm read “Absurdités de l’ existence” its designed in French within the French language its means “craziness of life,”

Brad tattoo of Angelina’s birthday on his chest area in Khmer (6-4-1975) Brad Pitt back tattoo seems to be a design from the New Orleans levee system.

Possibly Brad’s very first tattoo design with Angelina is a Sanskrit tattoo design some a kind of blessing associated with protection intended for Maddox, seem to be very just like one Angelina has.

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