Bring back the Cardiff Tattoo; VIEWPOINTS.

By | January 13, 2014

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THE news that Cardiff has officially accepted an invitation to host

the second annual Armed Forces Day celebrations in 2010 is to be warmly


The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Brian Griffiths For Bryan Griffiths, the former former professional footballer, see here.
Brian Griffiths (born 1968, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK) is an artist based in London. , was quoted in the Echo

(June 29) as saying: “Plans have already begun to make next

year’s event something of which both Wales and the UK can be justly


It is vital that as a city we use this opportunity to showcase

ourselves to the wider nation. Cardiff Castle Cardiff Castle (Welsh: Castell Caerdydd) is a medieval castle and Victorian revival mansion, transformed from a Roman fort, in the capital of Wales. Roman forts
Main article: Cardiff Roman Fort

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