Bug Tattoos

By | May 1, 2013

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Bug Tattoos Are More Suitable
For Women Than Men

Some top symbolism powering bug tattoos involve protection, joy, good fortune, love and friendly relationship.

bug-tattoos4Bug tats designs seem to be a very popular choice, in particular with females.

bug-tattoos5They are adorable and eye-catching things that most girls aspire to be.

Some insect tattoos look wonderful on women and each and every insect symbolizes desirable characteristics such as freedom, warmth, love, and happiness.

However not just women are captivated by bug tattoo designs – men are as well.


Different civilizations have stories and myths in which insects play an important role and in which their great characteristics and industriousness are highlighted.

From a straightforward outline to complex layout, shading, and filling tattoo designs get an array of fans.

These tattoos and their particular designs can be sketched by mixing the characteristics of more than one bug to make an incredibly unique and customized pattern.


Due to the flexibility of these designs they can be drawn any way you choose. They can be intense representations of protection, extremely colorful cartoons or personalized pictures of healing or inspiration.
The following are a few of the insects and bugs which tend to be more typical tattoo subjects:

  • Beetle tattoo designs – generally found on anklesfeet or shoulders.
    Butterfly tattoo designs – will generally be located on the lower back as well as shoulder blade.
    Dragonfly tattoo designs – will generally be found on the lower back or the ankle.

    Moth tattoo designs – will be see on shoulders and the lower back.

    Scarab tattoo designs – are often found centered on the upper or lower back.

    Ant tattoo designs – can be found crawling all over the body as in real life.

    Grasshopper tattoo designs – are often found on shoulders.


    Locust tattoo designs – usualy found on ankles and shoulders.

    Bumblebee tattoo designs – can be see found on an ankle or a lower back.

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