Butterfly Angel Tattoo Design Ideas

By | February 1, 2014

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Butterflies and angels go surprisingly well together in a tattoo. Whether you want a butterfly angel tattoo because of the symbolic meaning, or just because you love butterflies and angels, there are a lot of ways you can use them in a tattoo design idea.

The meaning of butterfly tattoos and angel tattoos. Many people feel that a tattoo should have a deep meaning, while that isn’t necessarily true, it is nice to have symbolic reason for a tattoo. Butterflies and angels have meanings that coincide with each other, making them perfect to use together in a butterfly angel tattoo.

The meaning of butterfly tattoos. Butterflies have a few meanings. For one thing, they represent beauty, and are often contributed with womanhood. That is why butterflies are most often seen on women. One butterfly represents womanhood, and two represent marriage. Butterflies also represent the souls of the dead in many cultures and religions. Since butterflies go through a metamorphosis, it symbolizes how a person goes through birth, life, and death. Butterflies also represent rebirth, as caterpillars are reborn into butterflies.

The meaning of angel tattoos. Angels also have two common meanings. They represent protection, a guardian against harm. Many people tell stories about an angel guiding them to safety, leading them into the afterlife, or protecting them from harm. The other common meaning is that angels are warriors. The angel Michael wields a sword, and fought against sin and Satan.

Butterfly Angel tattoo design ideas with wings. One of the most common tattoos is to get a tattoo of butterfly or angel wings. In this way, you can become a butterfly or angel. These tattoos should be placed on the back to appear as if you actually have wings. You can choose feather angel wings, or shiny butterfly wings. Be whichever you prefer. You can make them small, or have the wings span your entire back. For a darker look, you can make the wings torn, or have feathers falling off of them.

Cute butterfly angel tattoo design ideas. Sometimes, we just want something cute on our bodies. Here are few ideas for cute butterfly angel tattoo designs:

1) Cherub holding a butterfly tattoo. Cherubs are always cute and sweet looking, often drawn as looking like babies with angelic wings. Create a butterfly angel tattoo design of an adorable cherub with a butterfly resting on the cherub’s hand. Put the cherub in white, frilly clothing. The wings should be small and cute, as well. Don’t forget the bright halo about the cherub’s head. Your cherub can be a boy or girl. It is up to you. The cherub should look interested in the butterfly, and perhaps the butterfly is just as interested in the cherub.

2) Children pretending to be an angel and butterfly. This butterfly angel tattoo would look very cute with anime style children. They should have big, bright eyes. Make one a boy, and one a girl. One child could have fake butterfly wings strapped to their back, and the other child would have fake angel wings. This tattoo would look best in profile, so that you can see that the wings are not real, and that the children are just pretending.

Memorial butterfly angel tattoo design ideas. Since both butterflies and angels are closely related to death, and rebirth, they would make for excellent memorial tattoos.

1) Memorial tattoo of an angel and a butterfly. This angel should not be a cherub. The angel should be in a long flowing gown, her wings either folded up behind her or out wide for all to see. She would look beautiful with long, flowing hair that falls about her shoulders and is moving a little in the breeze. Her hands should be cupped in front of her, raised to the sky, or heavens. In her cupped hands should be a colorful butterfly. The angel is sending the soul where it needs to go. Make the tattoo more meaningful to you by adding the lost loved one’s favorite colors on the butterfly, or even a design on the butterfly’s wings that will immediately make you think of them. The butterfly is their soul.

2) Memorial tattoo for soldiers lost. Butterflies and angels are often seen on women, but they can also be masculine and work perfectly for men. If you want a memorial tattoo to represent those lost in battle, you can use butterflies and angels. Create a tattoo design of an angel soldier, or warrior. Place the soldier in uniform, with weapon in hand. If you want a warrior, place the angel in armor and holding a sword. For dramatic effect, have the angel’s head lowered, the face unseen. This way, the angel represents all soldiers and warriors. Don’t forget his wings, slightly torn and dirtied. Somewhere, anywhere, on the tattoo should be a butterfly to represent those lost souls. In fact, you could have more than one butterfly, with all of them sitting on the soldier angel.


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