Buttock Tattoos

By | October 9, 2013

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Buttock Tattoos – Great Tattoo Ideas For The More Adventurous!

Buttock tattoos could possibly be a very good choice.


Once you have researched just about every tattoo choice and you’ve discovered the perfect one for you, you will need to determine if you wish the tattoo to be seen or if you would like it to remain personal.

Your neckfoothandwrist and lower back are generally excellent areas if you wish to show off your tattoo.

If you need to ensure that it stays personal, the perfect and ideal tattoo layouts can be inked on the buttocks, along the swimsuit line.

Typically, the most popular body locations females choose to get needled on are the lower back, the foot, wrist, armstomach, and of course the buttocks.

Be aware that the actual process can be very painful and, unfortunately, the tattoo sometimes turn out to be skewed as when you get older your skin starts to sag.


The tattoos that Cher is most famous for are thefloral tattoos on her buttocks.

Body art on buttocks generally seems to be nicer when it is a good sized layout.

If you ask me, the key is to have the design peek out when you are wearing blue jeans and to be completely revealed when wearing a bikini.

Hearts, flowers, fairies and butterflies are obviously some of the hottest tattoo layouts.

My personal favorite is the hibiscus with all of its varieties of shades; I find that it looks fantastic on gals.

If you are looking for an awesome tattoo go with an amazing design and style along with the perfect dimension for buttocks.

Tats on buttocks you cannot go wrong!, and with buttock tattoos you will for sure have my personal vote!.

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