Caligraphy Tattoo

By | June 23, 2013

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by Clayton

My tattoo

My tattoo

My tattoo 

I have the word “Hooligan” tattooed on the left side of my head.

“The term hooligan has been used since at least the mid 1890s—when it was used to describe the name of a street gang in London.”

It is in a nice caligraphyd styled.

The tattoo artist is my friend. His name is “J”. The tattoo itself took a little over an hour.

The design was drawn in front of me.

All handrawn then transfered to my skin.

The thought of the tattoo came up while at work one day.

I asked everyone what they thought about it and would I get fired.

Everyone gave a response and 99% denied I would do it.

So, after we got off work, I called my friend up and setup an appointment with him.

Went that night and had it done.

Pierre Reply:

I like it but I am to “pussy” to get one on my head or my back neck 😉

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