Can Put Vaseline My Tattoo

By | June 9, 2015

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I'm away at college and don't have much with me or the means to travel and get a different product. I've heard over and over that Vaseline should not be put on your tattoo can u put Vaseline Lotion the Intensive Locking Moisture?

I just got a tattoo done last night and it's amazing,but all I have to put on it right now is vaseline.My parents just said to use vaseline because we can't get the A&D right now which is what I used on my last one.It's just a black and white tattoo,but I don't want the ink drawn out

Would it be okay to put vaseline on my tattoo, Can you put vaseline on a tattoo? More questions. What can I put on tattoo til I buy vaseline? Can i use Vaseline to put on my new tattoo? Trending. Is it ok for a 13 year old to get tattooed?

can i put vaseline on my new tattoo? i have been for like a day and a half and now the area of my foot where the tattoo is swollen and red. its kinda hot and i am not sure wheat to do. this is my first tattoo. no color all black.. what can i use at home thats better than vaseline,

Tattoo aftercare isn’t too difficult, You may notice a lot of artists will use Vaseline while they are working, and its good to use then, but is not but don’t soak it, that’s the same as applying too much ointment, making the skin too soft and mushy, and can make the color actually

I had my tattoo done 2 days ago i doesnt hurt anymore. can i put some vaseline on it so that i can swim?

If you have something as thick as vaseline on the tattoo it doesnt allow the breathing then a sensitive skin, unscented lotion for a few days after that. My artist suggested Lubriderm, which worked fine. My tattoo healed with if you put to much it will make the ink

Tattoo AfterCare and Design, Can I Put Antibiotic Ointment on My New Tattoo ? Do not use a triple antibiotic cream OR vaseline on a new tattoo!! triple antibiotic cream, such as neosporin, will help the area heal,

Can I use vaseline on my new tattoo as a healing cream ? Tags: new tattoo. Answer Question. Oh My..NO way unless you want a germ culture to grow on your tattoo? Vaseline is used in labs to grow germs fast!

Best Answer: actually dont listen to any of these guys. i have had many tatttoos and heard every way you can heal your tattoo without harming the ink vaseline will be to thick for your tattoo to breath you can put a and d ointment the first two or threee days but only twice a

What creams can I use on my new tattoo? (lotion, scent, thin) User Name: Remember Me: I was advised to use unscented Vaseline. It worked great, I also put saran wrap over it at night, I used Vaseline when I got my stomach tattoo a few years ago,

Jawaban Terbaik: Are you crazy? DON'T PUT VASELINE ON YOUR TATTOO!!! It's too thick. It prevents the tattoo from breathing, and thus traps in germs and stuff and make you more vulnerable to infection. Use unscented, undyed lotion. EDIT: ACK Don't use neosporin either!

Best Answer: you have to keep the tattoo moist or else it will scab, if it scabs and you knock them off you'll take ink with it. use vaseline or some other medicated cream EDIT:i stand corrected my tattoo's are 15 years old medicated cream and keeping it moist were the done thing sorry

27 Responses to “Is petroleum jelly good to put on my new tattoo? The bottom line is they all contain petroleum jelly – Vaseline, Aquaphor, antibiotic ointments, A&D. This ONLY creates a problem for possible ink loss if you apply it incorrectly.

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