Cancer Tattoo Designs

By | December 30, 2013

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Zodiac tattoos are one of the latest trends in the tattoo world today. As there is no dearth of astrology believers in the world, many people all around the world sport their Zodiac symbols and signs as tattoo designs. Zodiac tattoos never go out of fashion and there are lesser chances of one getting bored with this tattoo design. Here, we will see more on Cancer zodiac tattoo designs and meanings.


Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, symbolized by the crab. People born in between June 22nd to July 22nd belong to this Zodiac sign. Cancer individuals have an in born loving and caring nature. They are also very sympathetic and are marked by high emotionality and moody nature. These individuals show traits similar to their Zodiac symbol. They portray a tough exterior, but, are very touchy from within. As the crab keeps on holding things, not letting it go, Cancer individuals characterize clinging nature. The crab is also one of the significant characters in the Greek mythology as it was sent by Hera to kill Hercules during one of the 12 labors or trials. Cancer zodiac tattoo designs are usually sported by those born under this sign.


The Crab

A tattoo depicting the crab in its actual form is one of the most popular and simplest Cancer tattoo designs. These designs are usually made in black and/or red color. Tribal Cancer tattoos for men are usually made in aggressive patterns using only black or darker shades. Sometimes, people also use their imagination and have creative tattoos drawn on their body like the crab with facial features, etc.

The Glyph

Similar to the Zodiac symbol, there is a specific glyph associated with every Zodiac sign. The Cancer glyph is also one of the most favored tattoo design, as it is simple, less complicated, yet attractive. The glyph looks similar to the number 6 and 9 drawn sideways. Cancer tattoos for women include the glyph with flowers or vines drawn around it. Cancer tattoo with stars is yet another option. The Cancer glyph inscribed in the moon or a heart is also one of the best tattoos for girls and guys. Also, one can even include text like ‘Cancer‘ or ‘Cancer: Loving, Emotional, Moody’; ‘Proud Cancer’, etc., along with the aforementioned tattoo designs. These can be made in attractive styles, fonts and colors, which can go a long way in prepping up the overall design.

There are several things one needs to consider before going in for a tattoo. Firstly, one should remember that tattoo making and tattoo removal is a painful process. Secondly, one needs to put a lot of thought about one’s career, religion, culture, etc., before going for a tattoo. Also, a tattoo should always be made by a certified professional artist. Once the tattoo is made, one needs to follow tattoo aftercare tips to avoid the risk of infection. As a concluding note, if you have considered all these things, then go ahead and choose any one of the cool tattoo designs that are sure to remain in vogue forever. Good luck!

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