Capricorn Tattoos

By | December 12, 2014

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Stellar Information: The colonies are located in the Cyrannus star system Capricorn Population: 4.9 billion Patron God: Apollo Many get tattoos to mark important life events and relationships – the birth of a

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Temporary tattoos, and a camp-fire for toasting marshmallows. Even though the weather was a bit on the dreary side, no one seemed to mind. A hearty on Capricorn Circle. This tree was one of the many casualties of hurricane Sandy.

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As many of the boys have tattoos we then did a presentation on tattoos. We discussed the right and wrong ways of getting a tattoo done, and the implications thereof. Capricorn Primary School Our fist workshop we did was on puberty/gender conscious.

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The Grand Luau at Honua’ula Activities & Menu Hula Lessons, Temporary Tattoos and Photos with Cast Members in Full Costume 6:00 pm Luau Buffet Opens 6:30 pm Hula Lessons 7:00 The show is a Capricorn Events Production and not combinable with any Grand Wailea

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Stellar Information: The colonies are located in the Cyrannus star system Capricorn Population: 4.9 billion Patron God: Apollo Many get tattoos to mark important life events and relationships – the birth of a

3 the new zodiac sign dates: capricorn: jan. 20 – feb. 16 aquarius: feb. 16 – march 11 pisces: march 11- april 18 aries: april 18- may 13

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What Do Capricorn Tattoos Mean?

By | October 26, 2013

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Capricorn tattoos are extremely suitable for anyone born between December 22nd and January 20th.

Tattoo designs taken from the zodiac are a popular one for first tattoos.

This is also a great way to pay homage to a special person in your life that was born under the Capricorn sign.


The Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, symbolized by the sea goat and ruled by planet Saturn.

It is an Earth sign and consequently people belonging to this Zodiac sign tend to be extremely practical and reliable.

While you would expect from Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, its colors signify power that consolidates and models limitations.

After all, why do almost all police forces wear black?

zodiac-tattoos-capricorn-f0Just like Capricorn is associated with limitations, so, too, do black, dark grey, and brown represent enclosing, even shutting off.

This is nowhere more so than when bidding a funereal goodbye.

Select very carefully these types of colors, if you want protection and a sense of enclosing space.


zodiac-tattoos-capricorn-peaceBlack is another symbolic representation of infertility inside several cultures, and it signals the finality of life.

But it can also behave as a discharge and an awareness of time and nature with its never-ending cycle of life and death.

Capricorn natives are recognized to be ambitious and determined. Hardworking, practical, wise and trustworthy, they will get anywhere they want in life.

These types of people have a remarkable sense of personal respect and dignity that is shown in everything they do.

Capricorns are much quieter and peace-loving individuals, rarely attempting to acquire the center stage.

Just like all Cardinal Leadership Signs, we all know that we are starting right into a new season.

Capricorn leads us into winter season through its demand to be patient, responsible and realize there’s effort to be done.

With its’ ruling planet Saturn, individuals affected by the Goat are on a constant quest in life for responsibility, accomplishment as well as wisdom.

The symbolic representation of Capricorn, the sea goat, shows the characteristics of these persons to a greater extent.

However, when provoked, Capricorns can easily switch into furious goats and deal with their opponents fair and square!


This particular Goat symbolic representation comes through the mythological goat Amalthea, that the Ancient Greek god Zeus privileged regarding supplying him by having milk for a child.

Capricorn tattoos are created using these symbols of the standard Capricorn tattoos involve the picture of the Goat or the Capricorn glyph.

The Goat is an extremely suitable symbol for Capricorns. Slowly but surely goats can ascend any mountain, just like Capricorns can accomplish nearly anything in life.

The picture of the goat and the Capricorn glyph are the main themes of the majority of Capricorn tattoos.

Capricorns get to be godly with their tattoo designs. Ancient times call as there are several extremely fascinating and thrilling options for Capricorn tattoos.

For one, your sign is never going to change so it doesn`t matter if your mood shifts or you are not related with a particular thing any longer.

The various zodiac signs have in substance quite difficult designs that could make for very fascinating body art work.

One of them, the Capricorn, is an ancient God whose upper entire body is that of a goat and whose lower body is that of a fish.

The idea by itself would make a fascinating design but thrown into the world of zodiac tattoo making and you could be inked with one of the most extraordinary designs there is.

zodiac-tattoos-capricorn-f4Capricorn tattoo becomes permanent on your skin so you definitely want to make sure you are getting the very best out of the pain and the money you are paying.

It brings together the two elements: water and earth.

This can only suggest that people born under the Capricorn possess formidable personalities and are mainly dependable.

There’s no better way to state it out loud than getting it tattooed on any part of your body.

The story behind this is simply as fascinating as its form.

The straightforward design regarding Capricorn tattoo designs can be like joining the numbers 7 and 6. Meshing both numbers with each other makes a great challenging design.

Even if this layout is inked in simply one color it still radiates a simple yet solid shape.

Simply picture how much better it will get if you are going to get imaginative. If nothing fresh comes to mind, you can find ideas on the Internet.

Here are 3 suggestions as to how you can improve your basic Capricorn tattoo designs:


1 Use elements which are or not associated to the Capricorn sign, element-earth, birthstone-diamond,flower ivy, star, moon…

Incorporating these elements with the Goat image can create different artistic designs.

zodiac-tattoos-capricorn-p122Go for the myths. In accordance to Greek mythology the constellation of Capricorn was represented by the god Pan.

Pan was an offspring of Zeus and a woodland nymph.

He had the upper body of a man and the lower half of a goat.

He was known to instill fear as well as respect in people.

Integrating the image of Pan will certainly make the tattoo much more intricate and unique.

3 The image of Saturn. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn.

It provides structure and meaning to the entire world. Saturn has a well known system of rings that turn it into the most fascinating looking planet.


Integrating the image of the planet together with the Goat or the glyph will add originality and symbolism to the tattoo.

There are a many approaches to improve the simple Capricorn tattoos.

Because tattoos are forever it is imperative that you do investigate before getting your ink.

Keep in mind that tattoos are very hard, almost impossible, to erase or cover up due to the significant quantity of ink used.

This is one more reason to invest sufficient time and effort in choosing the tattoo that really works for you.

Simply make sure to pitch in a little of your own originality to avoid duplication.

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