Celebrity Tattoos: Joaquin Phoenix

By | January 13, 2014

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I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. So you know what that means……celebrity tattoo time. I decided to go with the very talented Joaquin Phoenix. The reason being because he only hasone tattoo that I feel certain that most people do not even know that he has a tattoo. Also Joaquin has announced that he is leaving the acting world behind and is planning on devoting all of his time to his music career. So maybe that will inspire him to get some more ink.

Anyways Joaquin has one very simple yet kind of odd tattoo under his right bicep. It is a badly drawn circle. Joaquin was on vacation in Italy and decided to go ahead and get a tattoo because he had always wanted one, but unfortunately things didn’t go quit as he planned.

“I was in Florence and we had just been to the fashion week in Milan. Everybody had these Gaelic symbols that were about wisdom, things like that.”
“I’d always dreamed about getting a tattoo but I didn’t want it to be a fashionable symbol. So I said, ‘Let’s get a ‘nothing’ tattoo.’ That’s why I have this badly drawn circle.”
“It hurt like hell and there was also a problem with the language barrier.”
So learn a lesson from Joaquin if you are in a foreign country and you want to get some fresh ink besure that you have a detailed pictured of what you want down just in case there is a language barrier.
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