Celebrity Tattoos – Johnny Depp

By | February 3, 2014

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Well you all know what today is. It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another edition of celebrity tattoos. This week I decided to go with Johnny Depp. I have had a crush on his since the 21 Jump Street Days and the man seems to get better looking the older he gets. Not to mention that Johnny just nailed the top position of being the highest paid actor in Hollywood right now. Johnny is earning $50 million a picture now. Well if you are a fan of Johnny Depp you know that he has quit a bit of tattoos.

Johnny has 14 known tattoos to date. The most famous of those 14 is probably the Wino Forever tattoo he has on his arm, which used to read Winona Forever. He also has a Cherokee Indian Chief in full headdress below the Wino Forever tattoo on his arm. This one is to remember his ancestral cultural heritage.

Johnny also has several tattoos that pertain to his family. He has Lily Rose his daughters name tattooed over his heart. He has his son’s name Jack tattooed his forearm with a Sparrow flying over water above that one. He also has a tattoo of Betty Sue which is his mother in the middle of a heart on his bicep. Above that there is some sort of triangle tattoo. He also has the symbol for The Brave a movie he did tattooed on the inside of his forearm.

Johnny also has some random tattoos on his body. Like the three rectangles on his right index finger and the number three between his thumb and index finger on his left hand. Johnny also has a skull and cross bones tattoo on his lower right leg that reads death is certain and some sort of symbol or something on his right ankle.

Johnny explains the reasoning behind all of his tattoos and why he has so many:

“My body is a journal in a way. It’s like what sailors used to do, where every tattoo meant something, a specific time in your life when you make a mark on yourself, whether you do it yourself with a knife or with a professional tattoo artist.”

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