Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

By | January 2, 2014

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Getting a tattoo done is about giving oneself a distinct identity. There is a vast variety of designs in the enchanting domain of tattoo art, that can be done in myriad styles. Although, viewed popularly as a form of body art, tattoo lovers know that every design has a special meaning. It is this meaning that makes the one sporting a tattoo, stand out in the crowd. While Koi fish tattoo designs symbolize the perseverance of a koi fish, that is known for the travails that it undergoes, as it struggles with relentless persistence to swim upstream, butterfly tattoos signify transformation and rebirth. Apart from their symbolism, butterfly tattoo designs accrue popularity from the fact that they can be drawn in a number of styles. Celtic artwork, renowned for their beautiful knots, render Celtic butterfly tattoos surreal beauty. Due to their delicate grace, these tattoos are one of the most popular ones for girls.