Celtic Dragon Tattoo

By | November 25, 2013

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Generally Celtic dragon tattoo represent fertility.

They signify the beginning of the planet and the very first presence of existence.


Anyone considering a Celtic dragon tattoos need to be aware that a reddish dragon symbolizes fury and a white dragon signifies fatality.

Normally a dragon tattoo is pretty intricate, particularly if it is a Celtic dragon.

The Celtic dragon has historically been a very mysterious creature.

The Celtic dragon is recognized as an extremely sacred creature and it has always been considered that Celtic dragons originated from some other fantastic world.

There are no dragons in Celtic tradition but there are Irish tales available in excellent publications from the middle Ages which refer to white and red dragons.

The vein or the path of the dragons was obviously a kind of crucial movement of energy of the country.


Those who would like to get a Celtic dragon generally consider this uniquepattern as honorable.

Typically the outstanding layout of aCeltic dragon tattoo is eye-catching.

For some people, it reflects their character as someone powerful who has overcome a specific situation.

For this reason a larger-sized layout is generally chosen, a small one is not recommended.

The largest area available is the back.

The Celtic culture also thought that the dragon had healing strengths and was connected with the earth’s magnetism.


Having a tattoo is really an individual choice and what will be inked on your skin is linked to your own personal beliefs.

Definitely tight and extended held belief. Tats are a good way of showing the entire world what you think or who you adore.

Celtic dragon tats are more often seen on younger females although they can look fantastic on men or women.

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