Celtic Image of God Shoulder Tattoo

By | May 23, 2013

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Only took about 30 minutes.

Got it done at a shop in North Carolina, but I don’t remember the artist’s name.

I got it as a Christian symbol, representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and beneath it is written “Imago Dei” meaning “Image of God.”

Pierre Reply:

Cool tattoo very simple and well done and I love the meaning of it.

A small section involving Christian believers disagree with all the conventional point of view as well as feels tats tend to be moral on the justification that they can be an exhibition of the image of God.

Religous body art really are an illustration showing the particular structural facet of the image of God simply because human beings were created having the ability to appreciate creative beauty and also embellish themselves appropriately.

Tats really are a display associated with the functional element of the image associated with God since humankind currently have the free will to get done what they really want with regards to their bodies.

Last but not least, tats illustrate the particular ingredient of the whole picture involving God since they’re one of the best method with which any Christian can easily communicates God’s unique character.

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