Celtic Tattoo Designs

By | December 12, 2013

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Why Are Celtic Tattoo Designs
Still Popular After All This Time?


Celtic tattoo designs are very much in demand by men and women.

celtic-tattoo-designs2The Celts are people originating from Europe.

This unique tattoo art is considered one of the most interesting layout.

Numerous Celtic symbols are currently chosen for tattoos. While they aren’t complicated, they are incredibly stunning.

They are available in different kinds of patterns such as Celtic spiral, Celtic cross orCeltic Motherhood Tattoos.


The Celtic knot pattern in addition to be exceptional body tattoo designscan also be integrated with variations of animals and flowers.

The most typical design is definitely the Celtic Knot tattoo layout and it makes up the foundation of these types of concepts.

The Celtic knot tats are symbols of infinity.

When you look at one, you will see it is actually specially designed in such a way to increase towards infinity.

celtic-tattoo-designs16         celtic-tattoo-designs17

Celtic tats are generally made and coupled with different designs which provide a gorgeous finished look. They can also be applied as a border close to another layout.

celtic-tattoo-designs-celtic-crossThe Celtic and tribal cross tattoodesign is extremely famous, particularly among Christians.

In addition to the religious significance of this tattoo design, it is also symbolic of other things as well.

Both lines from the cross, horizontal and vertical paths tend to be symbolic of stability between two conflicting forces.

Celtic armband tats are another favorite and they can be scaled-down in dimension.

They are extremely eye-catching and you will find a variety of layouts such as roses, hearts, snakes, spirals, other flowers etc.

Nothing stops you from creating your personal style and design as well, simply by combining and mixing your artwork.

celtic-tattoo-designs23Celtic butterfly tattoo designs are incredibly popular with girls and the configurations undoubtedly vary from the original butterfly motif.

Within the Celtic butterfly tattoo, the actual butterfly structure is blended with the Celtic knot design.

In the past, tattoos have been created from only one basic shade, however with the Celtic butterfly tattoo many more colors are used to make it more appealing and enlightening.

An ideal spot for girls to show off their creation is on the lower back.Celtic tree of life tattoo is actually considered one of the more preferred layouts for trees

Celtic tattoo designs containing graphics of animals are also extremely popular.

celtic-tattoo-designs24They can consist of images and designs of lions, birds, snakes, Celtic dragons, horse or tribal dragon tattoo designs, lizards and spiders etc.

The book of Kells is an essential source for medieval Celtic tattoo artwork.

This particular publication forms the cornerstone of the Celtic tattoo designs that are adored by so many people today.

When you’ve decided to get a Celtic tattoo make sure it is blended with various colors to give your tattoo a remarkable and delightful look.

The web has many Celtic tattoo concepts to pick from. When you are choosing a tattoo, ask your colleagues and friends for their opinions as it might help you to decide.

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