Cervix Removal and Vaginal Closure During Hysterectomy: Will These Effect My Sex Life?

By | January 25, 2014

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The human body has many little tricks up its sleeve when it comes to reproduction. One of these tricks is the cervix. The role of the cervix during intercourse and climax is often misunderstood or unknown to the woman. During climax, the cervix dips into the vaginal canal in hopes of picking up semen; thus increasing the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. After recently undergoing a total abdominal hysterectomy I was left wondering, can I achieve a climax without a cervix? And will I have trouble during intercourse now that my vagina has been sewn closed at one end?

To entertain the first question we must delve deeper into the human body and the orgasm. The human body achieves orgasm in multiple ways, both vaginally and clitorally. Both the vaginal and clitoral climax will be affected by the removal of the cervix, but only slightly. Once the cervix is removed the physical feeling of the cervix dipping into the vagina will be lost. After the first few climaxes you will no longer notice a difference in your pre-surgery and post-surgery orgasms. Even though a woman can feel the cervix dipping into the vagina during orgasm, the removal of this body part will not prevent the original orgasm from occurring. After the cervix is removed during a hysterectomy, a woman will be able to achieve orgasm to the same level as before the surgery, but the orgasm may feel a little different without the physical movement of the cervix.

Once the cervix is removed the upper end of the vagina will be sewn closed. My immediate reaction upon being told of this was, “Will I be able to continue having intercourse?” I was reassured joyfully by my gynecologist that even though the vagina will now have a solid ending, there are only rare occurrences when the end is reached by the male organ. My doctor went on to explain that most women report having an increase in intercourse after the surgery due to the ending of menses as well as the removal of any pain associated with any problems leading up to the need for a hysterectomy.

So ladies, the answers are truly simple. Even though a total hysterectomy often includes the removal of the cervix and the sewing closed of the vagina the surgery will not inhibit sexual intercourse or sexual climax. If you are having trouble achieving climax it is more than likely due to a decrease in progesterone or estrogen levels and can be corrected with the proper hormone replacement therapy.

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