Chanel's Temporary Tattoos Trend Spring 2010

By | December 27, 2013

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In mid-February, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Chanel lovers will be able to purchase the temporary tattoos that premiered on the Spring 2010 Paris runway. There are several varieties too: the iconic double C’s, chain bracelets, rosary beads and little birdies.

The Temporary Tattoo Trend for Spring 2010

Chanel wasn’t the only fashion house sporting temporary tattoos on their spring 2010 runways. Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier also caught on to the trend. While Rodarte showcased tribal / geometric shapes, Jean Paul Gautier featured henna tattoos on his models’ necks and arms. But it was the sweet and coy designs from Chanel that won the hearts of fashionistas worldwide.

This trend couldn’t have come a better time too. Fashion trends for this spring are all about mixing edgy with feminine. Boyfriend sweaters in leopard print are the perfect example of this dichotomy, and now Chanel was clever enough to find a high-end option that all of its followers can afford. The bad girl quality of tattoos contrasts nicely with the ultra feminine designs of the tattoos. And since they’re designed to be worn like jewelry and accessories, they’re bound to turn some heads.

The Chanel Tattoos

Chanel has styled the tattoos with posh Chanel suits, skirts, dresses and entirely feminine outfits. However, the tattoos might even look better in a casual, street look. It would be fun to really exaggerate the masculine and feminine elements. Imagine the tattoo garter with the iconic double C’s hanging with high-waist, vintage-style shorts, a feminine, neutral-toned top and an oversized blazer. Or imagine the tattoo chain bangles with a heavy print jumpsuit.

How to Style the Tattoos

Since up-dos are going to be on everyone’s head in the spring, how cute would would the little birdie be at the base of the neck under a glorious chignon? The tattoos could also work with the famous Alexander Wang braid that is going to be a hit in the spring. The braid is parted on one side and the long, loose braid is draped on the other side. It would be amazing if the iconic double C’s could appear on the side that the braid isn’t draped on to provide an effortlessly sexy, rock and roll look.

Chanel’s temporary tattoos are all win and no loss. They mean no effort deciding what jewelry to wear in the morning and no thought going into how to style your outfit for a least a couple of days. Besides, since the tattoos will only last a few days, fashionistas can change their tattoos and look all the time. Chanel adorers will be able to buy Chanel and own something high fashion without breaking the bank.

A set of 55 tattoos will cost about $78. They will be available on under “Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art.”

Is this the beginning of a totally new trend? Quite possibly!

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