Cherry Blossom Tattoo On My Neck

By | October 20, 2013

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by Michelle

Cherry Blossom on my neck

Cherry Blossom on my neck

I love my flower cherry blossom tattoo.

It took more than 2 hours.

Got it done at a shop nears my home in Tampa FL.

Unfortunatly I dont remember the name of the tattoo artist.

Pierre Reply:

Cool tattoo very simple and well done.

Because tats are extremely personal aspects, they are able to point out a lot regarding an individual so get the perfect tattoo design for the appropriate reason is essential.

Due to the fact cherry blossoms signify various ideas in Asian modern society you should know that folks of those backgrounds will probably respond fairly in another way if they view it.

For those who have chose a tattoo design containing cherry blossoms you ought to be particularly picky over the tattoo artist you will find in order to tattoo the layout to your body.

Japanese body art is extremely complex as is the particular cherry tree itself which means you will need a tattoo artist having expertise in this kind of tattoo design.

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