Chinese Tattoo Design

By | December 10, 2013

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The Growing Interest
in Chinese Tattoo Design.


Why Chinese tattoo design is often considered by people interested in getting tattoos!

Body art associated with Chinese tattoo symbols has had a following for a long time.



There are numerous factors: a person can easily capture a perception and a feeling within a couple of characters; to some non-Chinese speaking individuals it’s unique as well as amazing, with an air of mystique; you will find countless symbols to choose from.

One of the main fascinations could be just how unique each and every character looks, the odd of another person getting the exact same one is almost impossible.

The fact that they also look awesome never hurts either.

Chinese tattoos can be found in a variety of layouts since the language consists of countless character types rather than the very few letters within the Western alphabet.

Prior to getting your Chinese tats, it might be to your advantage to perform the maximum amount of research that you can.

Think of the horror of getting a Chinese sign inked over your arm only to discover that it contains some perverse or maybe insignificant interpretation while you believed it really meant a specific thing like love, peace or faith.

Chinese tattoo designs are also available in a variety of dimensions.

A few are meant for tiny tattoos around the wrist or perhaps of the footwhile some others are meant for larger sized area like the backside orshoulder.

No matter where you’d like the Chinese tattoo put on you, be certain that the chosen design will work in this particular size.

A bit of research will allow you to be sure your favorite Chinese tattoo will look amazing for quite a while.

You will find different composition types (scripts) for Chinese tattoo designs. They are: seal script, regular script, cursive script, and running script.

For instance, you can get Chinese tattoo names converted into Chinese characters tattooed in cursive script style. The end result will be absolutely spectacular.

You will find quite a lot of Chinese-inspired tats, mainly associated with wildlife and/or flowers which have symbolism as well as meaning within Chinese tradition.

The most popular Chinese tattoo design is the dragon tattoo designs , which represents the charitable helper for human beings.

chinese-tattoo-design9The dragon is known as an enchanting and tremendous snake, having spiritual and also mysterious magical powers, and it also symbolizes the association of paradise and earth.

Many other Chinese tattoo designs incorporate the phoenix, the Koi fish and Chinese cherry blossoms.

Phoenix tattoo designs are symbolic of great virtue and elegance.

The Koi fish represents masculinity and bravery, the capability of achieving significant objectives and defeating the difficulties in your life.

Chinese cherry blossoms usually characterize strength, feminine natural beauty and love.


Chinese tattoos with meaning about love are the best for partners who wish to sport the same tats; this particular layout is highly encouraged as it’s believed that lovers who have this design won’t ever separate.

The Chinese zodiac tattoo is founded on an actual twelve years period, each year currently being symbolized by an animal. Get the year you’re born to find out your personal sign.

For simple understanding, the old Western zodiac tattoo designs are represented by as 12 earthly limbs with twelve zodiac animals founded on the actual 12 months of the year.

But if you look at the Mayan Zodiac the year is divided in 19 parts.

These are definitely just some of the actual Chinese signs that will help a person express themselves in an intriguing and spectacular way.

You may also decide on a type of calligraphy that fits your own unique character.

To ensure you will get the sign you would like you will need to make yourpersonal analysis and speak with an artist who knows all the symbols,chinese tattoo character or perhaps has an understanding of Chinesetattoo symbols meaning.

Remember that the very best designs which can be used for tats are definitely the designs from the Chinese zodiac as well as the signs for love, power, faith, friendship, loved ones, health, peace, hope, and ultimately, luck.

Most of these selections indicate specifically what people wish for themselves, regarding their own lives, or perhaps just what they consider best shows their own individuality, narrates their particular knowledge, or even reveals their personalities.

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