Chinese Tattoo Symbols

By | June 2, 2013

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Actually it is the name of my girl friend in Chinese tattoo symbols.

I got it recently. It took roughly 25 min.

It was painfull but I felt so happy and so excited that I did not feel the pain.

Pierre Reply:

This wrist area is pretty painfully but for 25 minutes its ok my wrist tattoo took more that one hour so for me it was really hurting but when I look at it I can tell you that worth the pain.

Presently wrist tattoo designs are available in a myriad of kinds.

Starstribal bandsbutterflies, hearts, words or letters in all sorts of languages like Arabic, Sanskrit, Hebrew etc.

The wrist is definitely an ideal location for any small tattoo.

Most other areas of the body requires larger tattoos.

Your tattoo will give you much joy due to the fact you can look at it all the time.

This is exactly why terms just like a mantra or slogan are perfect tips regarding wrist tattoos.

Your inked wrist may certainly motivate everyone and also remind you of a specific thing needed in your life.

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