Choosing the Right Doctor for Laser Tattoo Removal

By | October 19, 2013

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laser tattoo removalSo you want to remove that tattoo that’s been bugging you for some time. Whatever the reason for wanting to remove a tattoo, it is important to choose the right doctor to do this job.

It ranks among those important decisions you will make in your life. Price is a factor when looking for the right doctor but there are many more variables to the equation such as how many treatments will be required in order to get the job done at that price. Here is some more on choosing the right doctor to remove your unwanted tattoo.

Getting Recommendations

Referrals are always the best way to find the right doctor to take away your tattoo. Those whom have had their tattoos removed already are the best ones to consult if you know someone like this. They can tell you who the doctor was, where the clinic is located, and give you a story about their overall experience.

Ask specific questions about this person’s particular removal case. These can be questions such as the size of the tattoo removed and how many different colors it was. Examine this person’s skin tone and color and see if it is about the same as yours. Looking at all these aspects of the other person’s experience can give you an idea of how successful yours will be.

Maybe you don’t have a trusted friend who has been through a tattoo removal or you just want to get more advice. Your family doctor would be a good source for recommending another doctor who can handle this type of procedure. It is possible that your family doctor knows the doctor used by some of his clients.

Getting a recommendation from others you trust is by far the best way but it could be that you don’t have this option. In this case, you can even visit the various tattoo shops in your city and see if they have names of doctors their clients have used to do removals.

Asking the Right Questions

Okay, so you have a few names of doctors who can potentially remove your tattoos. Now it is time to start calling them and asking the important questions. It is as simple as calling the receptionist at each office.

Questions you can ask are:

• The number of successful removals
• If before/after photos are available
• The availability of a free consultation
• The number of treatments involved
• The cost

The receptionist may only be able to give you rough figures of the statistics above. The availability of a free consultation is where the doctor can give you an estimate of the number of treatments and the cost involved.

Don’t choose a doctor who cannot or is not patient enough to answer your questions. Also, you should not choose a doctor who cannot fully explain the process involved with laser tattoo removal to your satisfaction. The best doctor is the one who takes his time to make sure all of your questions are answered during the initial consultation. He also uses this information to make a treatment plan that is addresses what you need.

Among other information the doctor should give you are the pluses and minuses that one incurs during the process of removing the tattoo. Don’t fall for doctors who give you lines that the process is free of pain and can be done quickly. There is some discomfort involved with laser tattoo removal.

For example, the lasers can feel like many tiny needles are pricking your skin and create an overall stinging sensation. Thus, you want a doctor who is honest with you about this aspect of the procedure. This stinging sensation even occurs after the doctor applies an agent to deaden the pain such as lidocain. After the procedure, pain can also be felt during the process of healing.

Finally, you should avoid doctors who have no previous record of success. It is in your best interests to get all the facts about the doctor you choose to remove your unwanted tattoos. By doing so, you can have something cleared from your skin that you no longer want both safely and cost effectively.

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