Christina Aguilera Tattoos

By | July 14, 2013

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Christina Aguilera Tattoos. Performer, songs writer, singer, record producer, having her own perfume could there be something Christina (Born December 18, 1980) hasn’t already handled, and even completed extremely well?


Probably one of the more skilled entertainers that belong to the last few years, Christina seems to have sold over twenty five million CDs all over the world, attained four time #1 singles at the Billboard popular one hundred chart, and the pop star has received four Grammy Awards and also a Latin Grammy, along with two top five albums within the United States.

You must recognize this simply demonstrates that an individual can easily have many tattoo designs and other people not necessarily be aware of it. Additionally I believe Christina attempts very hard to keep some privacy about the tattoo designs.

Being very honest I realized that Christina Aguilera possessed a couple of tattoo designs however I was amazed to discover that the star has five tattoo designs.

It is recently been revealed that the young star is using particular make up to hide some of the tattoo designs due to the fact that Hollywood continue to views tattoo designs like a no no for those who have way too many.

But I don’t agree with it, more and more often they add tattoos to actors for the movies.


Anyways, Christina Aguilera tattoos are “Xtina” inked on her back neck, a wrist tattoo where you can see tiny kind of minuscule flower, Mickey Mouse tattooed slightly below waist line, a tattoo design on the left arm which says “Te Amo Siempre” which happens to be Spanish translation for “I love you always”.

In the center of this particular tattoo design you can see the two Hebrew characters “Y” and also “B”, which are for her husband initials.

Christina also has inked “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine” needled on also in Hebrew on her back.

Christina Aguilera tattoos are not really special one day she states that Jordan and her made the decision to have tattoo design as wedding day gifts. Christina went for “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine” on her back and Jordan choose “I love CA forever” inked in Hebrew on him, sorry but not a thing original for me.

The couple chose to be tattooed to keep in mind that big day of getting married.

I actually do believe that it is only BS, and I am wondering to see if they are going to stay together forever as we know that pop stars usually don’t.

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