Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom 2010

By | January 2, 2014

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This year give your mother a gift that she will cherish: a thoughtful gift with a dual purpose, something she will look forward too and will remember for years to come. There are several ways to accomplish this gift giving idea, pick the one that works best for you.

Script Lettering Tattoo


Your mother would absolutely love to have a picture hanging above the fireplace of you and her. Or you could arrange a photo session of the entire family done by a professional photographer. Either way Mom will flip! Digital pictures are nice, but nothing makes a statement like a professionally done portrait.

There are many backgrounds to choose from so the possibilities are endless. Most JCPenny or Sears stores have portrait studios that are conveniently located. The price isn’t bad either. Buy a beautiful Christmas card for Mom and write a note or poem telling her your gift plans. Or you could wrap an empty frame with a note regarding the time and date the photo shoot will take place.


You might think your Mom isn’t the tattoo type, but she may surprise you. Tattoos don’t have to be large and they can be placed in areas where others won’t see them. You both can have fun choosing designs and talking about the new ink you will have. If you give your mom a tattoo for Christmas, it’s something she will have and remember forever. Check out tattoofinder for cool ideas.


Plan a trip to the spa with Mom. Get hair-cuts, pedis, manis, facials and massages. The thing your mom will love the best is spending time with you. It will give you both a chance to catch up and slow down after a stressful Christmas. The gift won’t be as meaningful if you just give her a gift card; make sure you plan a day where you can do this together. Do your homework prior to arranging this as there are many different types of spas. Beauty-and-the-bath will teach you everything you need to know.


Does your mom love scrapbooking, reading or gardening? Register yourself and mom to take a class together. You can learn something while enjoying some time together. Join a book club, try yoga or learn to make something. You may just start a new tradition with this one. Search local colleges or look in the Sunday newspaper for class ideas. Buy mom a book on the subject matter you choose and write a message on the first page announcing the time and date of the first class.


If you live out of town and don’t get to spend much time with Mom give her a plane or bus ticket so she can come to your side of the world for a visit after the holidays. Nothing says I love you like a round trip plane ticket. You can sit by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, planning her adventure to your neck of the woods.

Make this Christmas extra special by giving a gift of yourself to Mom. It will be her favorite present this year. Your siblings will be green with envy as she opens your gift. Their gifts of sweaters, perfume, jewelry and gift cards won’t measure up to this present at all. You will be the queen of Christmas; at least in your mother’s eyes!

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