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By | June 20, 2013

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Zen Circle Tattoo Designs


Zest tu en Circle Tattoo Motifs “In a single – yet outstanding – stroke” from the calligrapher’s brush stroke, the particular Zen Circle represents the whole universe.


From the Buddhism religious beliefs, the Zen Circle is definitely a sacred symbolic representation.

While it is definitely a circular image, an authentic Zen Circle possesses a clear starting point as well as an ending point from which the artist’s paint brush initially touched the paper and then lifted off.

This unique little break shows the actual passage from life to death.

Nevertheless, the image is definitely spherical, showing that elements keep working all-around, a wheel inferring life-death-rebirth.


An absolute Zen Circle tattoo design will have to, by its very dynamics, be a reproduction, since absolutely no tattoo artist is capable of the impulsiveness essential for a Zen artist.

A real Zen Circle can’t allow any kind of customization later on.

The tattoo artist will have to duplicate an authentic masterpiece of design, meticulously recreating that circle design which was already done correctly by the artist in one single motion.

This seems like it should be simple to do but in order to master that flawlessness of roundness it requires a great deal of practice.

Give it a try. With a pen, try to draw a circle on a paper with just one perfect move.

circle-tattoo18Certain Japanese designer artists train every day to do just that.

The Japanese have a term for that Zen notion of ‘circle’ Enso, for Zen Buddhist fine art, it is actually known as an ‘expression of the unique moment’ once the mind gets out of the way the entire body and soul can potentially co-create.

Certain enso can be intentionally asymmetrical, possibly even lopsided, and may even be created with the help of two brushstrokes.

A lot of them are produced associated with captions or alternatively composed tips suggesting their particular meaning.



Having a fabulous Zen Circle tattoo design without a doubt states that you definitely have the courage to deal with your own life.

You are interested in preserving your individual development, and it begins with a circle tattoo symbol, an indication that you choose to look at your life in its entirety.

You actually know that a simple change of one facet of your life will certainly result in even more changes, which means that you are clearly taking full responsibility for your life.

Look at wikipedia post for additional information regarding the ensô circle as a zen symbolic representation. …

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