Clown Skull Tattoo Design Ideas Based on Myths and Legends

By | January 5, 2014

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Clown skull tattoos can be very creepy to look at, but can also hold a lot of meaning. Clowns are used to bring comedy to tragedy. They show us that we are fallible, and remind us of the human condition. At the end of the line comes death, which is easily represented by the skull. The skull shows the harsh reality of death, and the wasting away of the body. Together, the clown and skull making interesting tattoo designs.

Clown skull tattoo design #1: Schadenfreude. This German word is used when you are receiving pleasure from someone else’s pain. This description fits how we see clowns. Here they are looking like idiots falling all over themselves, and we’re laughing at them. They are being the fools, not us, and we can laugh at them instead of someone laughing at us. Create a clown skull tattoo design of a bumbling clown. You could have him tripping over a skull. Or you could have a tattoo design of him already having tripped over a skull, his foot hooked on the skull, and his face flat on the ground. Beneath this clown have the word “Schadenfreude”.


As a second Schadenfreude clown skull tattoo design, have your clown juggling skulls within a cemetery.

Clown skull tattoo design #2: The theatre mask. This symbol typically has two masks. One of them is crying, the other laughing. It shows that in life you can’t have one without the other. Clowns also show this because some clowns are happy, and some are sad. Again, this shows the human condition. Create a clown skull tattoo design of two clown faces positioned like the theatre masks. The crying clown should have a skull face, while the happy one should have the white face of traditional clowns. Or, you could have both clowns with a skull face, one happy and one sad, showing that even death has its humor.

Clown skull tattoo design #3: The Fool. In Shakespeare’s King Lear, The Fool plays a very important role in the story. It is the Fool who speaks the truth throughout the play, and who has the most common sense and intelligence. The Fool makes the king look like a fool. If you love the idea of a fool, the trickster, tricking the “boss” and sneaking into a place of authority, then here is clown skull tattoo design idea for you: Have a royal throne, complete with jewels. Sitting in the throne, leaning back and grinning, would be your Fool. He should be wearing typical jester clothing, the mix-matched colors and the silly hat. Have his legs crossed, showing how comfortable he is in that throne. Balancing on his raised foot should be a skull, and on that skull should be a crown to represent the “king”.

Clown skull tattoo design #4: Kokopelli. Kokopelli is a famous Native American prankster whose figure is easily recognized. Have you seen those statues, drawings, and art of a hunchbacked stick figure with a long flute? That is Kokopelli. The story is that Kokopelli travels from village to village, playing his flute. The people dance and party all night, and come morning every woman in the village is pregnant. You could create a tattoo design of that famous drawing of Kokopelli, or you could go more elaborate. Have Kokopelli surrounded by pregnant stick figure women, all fawning over him. Mimic the same art as the Native Americans or else the tattoo won’t look right.

To add a skull to this tattoo, you could have dead stick figure males. They have “partied” to death. If you have a sense of humor, this is a fun clown skull tattoo design idea. Especially for men who consider themselves Casanovas.

Clown Skull tattoo design # 5: The Fool of the Tarot. In the Tarot, the Fool gives a warning that you need to watch your step. He is on a journey, starting a new life, and fantasizing about how great everything is going to be. What he doesn’t realize is that there is a cliff nearby, and if he doesn’t wake up and pay attention, he just might fall and lose everything. This lesson, and the card itself, would make a great clown skull tattoo design. The fool is wearing torn and messy clothes. There is small pack dangling from a walking stick. It holds all his possessions. At his feet, have a small dog tugging at his pant leg, trying to pull him from the open grave that is on his other side. Normally, the card shows a cliff, but with a grave you are incorporating the death theme. Inside the grave, place a skeleton. Make sure the fool has a daydreamy look on his face.


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