Constellation Star Tattoos

By | January 9, 2014

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Constellation tattoos are an interesting way to decorate your body. Star tattoos are pretty common, and have their own meanings. Constellations also have legends involved with them. Those legends create their own meanings. Place a constellation star tattoo on your body and use both meanings to portray who you are as a person.

Ideas on what constellation star tattoos could look like: Constellations generally are supposed to look like people, animals, or specific shapes in myths and legends. This gives you a few options for your constellation star tattoo:

1) A constellation star tattoo of the actual shape. For example, if you are doing Scorpio, you would have a tattoo of a scorpion. Add stars on the scorpion body to show where they are in the night sky. You can even connect them with lines.

2) A constellation star tattoo of the constellation shape in only stars. You can have many stars, smaller stars, around the large constellation stars. Or you can have only the stars in the constellation. Connect them with lines to show the shape you are using.

3) A neat idea for a hidden constellation star tattoo is to have stars printed on your body as they are actually seen in the night sky. This would include every star in the constellation, but also every other star near or around it. A good map of the night sky would make this possible. You can connect the stars to form the constellation, but it would be more fun to leave them alone. That way, people have to find the constellation on your body, just as they do when looking in the night sky.

Greek constellation star tattoo ideas: Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Perseus, and Draco: The story of these four constellation is really a fun one. This constellation star idea will give you the story, and meaning, behind each character separately. You can choose just one constellation for a tattoo, or use them all for a great full back constellation star tattoo design.

Constellation star tattoo of Andromeda: Andromeda was very beautiful, and her parents always bragged about her beauty. The Nereids, evil women who thought they were the best, were jealous of Andromeda’s parents bragging about their daughter. So they had their daddy, Poseidon, send floods. An oracle told Andromeda’s parents that the only way to stop the floods was to sacrifice their daughter. She was tied to a rock outside the cave of a dragon. Luckily, she was rescued by Perseus.

Andromeda represents beauty and vanity.

Constellation star tattoo of Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia was the mother of Andromeda. In order to prevent Cassiopeia from rescuing her daughter from the dragon, the Nereids tied her up in a W shaped chair. The constellation looks like the letter W.

Cassiopeia would make a great constellation star tattoo for a woman who is strong, and filled with pride.

Constellation star tattoo of Perseus: Perseus was the hero that saved Andromeda. He used Medusa’s head to turn the dragon into stone. They later ruled the country, until Perseus became interested in a floozy and left Andromeda.

A Perseus constellation star tattoo is a good choice for men that deem themselves ladies men, heroes, or to represent a hero in your life.

Constellation star tattoo of Draco: Draco was the dragon that was supposed to eat Andromeda. He was placed in the stars because the whole incident really wasn’t his fault.

Draco is the perfect constellation star tattoo for star lovers and dragon lovers.

Constellation star tattoo designs: Four Guardian Spirits: In Japan and China, there are four guardians that protect the four points of the world. Each one is an animal, and is made up of many of the Greek constellations we know. Find an excellent map of these constellations before letting your tattoo artists start working. Again, you can choose one constellation for the tattoo, or use them all for an amazing back tattoo. Have each constellation star tattoo sitting on its correct point.

This would be a great tattoo where the actual tattoo is of the animals, and add stars to show that it is a constellation. These are some great animals; just make sure to use the correct color as well.

Here are the four animals and their correct points:

The Azure Dragon of the East

The Black Tortoise of the North

The White Tiger of the West

The Vermillion Bird of the South


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