Cover Up Tattoos

By | January 1, 2014

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Many a time people who have got a tattoo made wish they could have an eraser which works on the skin, so that they could erase the body art they have. There can be various reasons for the same. A number of people do not like the job done by the tattoo artist, or it can have something to do with the past relationships and bad decisions made in the past, which are not always easy to forget. Tattoo cover up can also be done to make the existing tattoo more interesting or aesthetically appealing.

Laser is one of the options which can be used for tattoo removal, however, it is not only expensive, but also painful. People who have undergone laser treatment to get rid of tattoos opine that it is way more painful than getting a tattoo made. Make up is another option which can be exercised, however, it will become a task in itself to mask the tattoo with make up every single day. Hence, the best option is to get a concealing tattoo made.

Cover Up Tattoos: Before and After

A number of tattoo artists do offer to cover up existing tattoos, however, the clients often have to shell out more than regular tattoo, as the process of making a concealing tattoo is more involved than getting a regular tattoo. The success is dependent on various factors. The tattoo to be covered and skill and experience of the tattoo artist have a major role to play in it. The existing tattoo has be to assessed first, so that the tattoo artist can come up with a design, which will artfully and tastefully cover the tattoo, certainly without making it apparent that the new tattoo is in fact a tattoo cover up. Often a variety of techniques have to be used to make mission tattoo cover up successful. Normally heavy inking is the technique which is used. It ensures that there is even and thorough penetration of colors.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

We will first see how to cover up name tattoo. This is as a matter of fact, is a common tattoo to get covered up. They often carry a huge amount of regret and covering them becomes a great and relieving experience for the tattoo wearer. There are a number of ways in which these tattoos can be covered up. Opting for a design using the same color as the original tattoo, can help in incorporating and covering the original tattoo efficiently. The other option is to change the actual name. It may mean to make the existing name more comical or re-wording it to make it mean something different. The best example, which can be given, is the way Johnny Depp changed his tattoo ‘Winona Forever’ to ‘Wino Forever’. You will have to be very creative to come up with such a change.

Tribal tattoo design is an option, if you want to cover up an existing tattoo design. Tribal tattoos blend well and use deep colors, which turn out to be useful if you want to cover up an old fading tattoo. They can also be used to conceal tattoos on wrists.

Modern designs help in masking an old tattoo well, as they are very rich in color and the designs used are elaborate making the job of covering up a tattoo easier.

Cover up tattoos are tattoos which are not just covering up an existing tattoo, but they are essentially replacing the existing tattoo with a new and much better tattoo. Hence, you will have to ensure you are a part of the entire process totally, so that you do not regret your decision later on once again.

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