Cross Tattoo Designs – How to Choose From a Variety of Awesome Designs

By | January 4, 2014

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Some of the most versatile tattoo designs available are cross tattoo designs. There is a huge variety of options to choose from, all with different meanings. How do you go about choosing the design that is perfect for you? Let’s go over some of styles and discuss where to find an original design that inspires you and compliments your unique personality.

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Knowing the symbolism behind the different designs can help you choose a tattoo that has deep personal meaning for you. Not all cross tattoo designs have to represent a religious meaning, although that can definitely be part of it. Here are some popular examples and the symbolism behind them.

Christian Cross Design
This is the basic cross used in the Christian faith, however there are many variations of this symbol. A very simple and timeless look is the Latin cross, also called the Crux Ordinaria. These tattoos are usually small and often found on the hands, wrists and upper arm. Another popular Christian cross design is the crucifix which depicts Jesus on a wooden cross.

Celtic Cross Design
One of the more popular and beautiful designs, the Celtic cross is an intricate combination of knots, crosses and spirals that make up the Celtic style. A combination of the Christian cross with the sun, it’s exact meaning is not clear. Many people find this appealing as they can create their own interpretation that has personal meaning to them.

Gothic Cross Design
The Goth style emphasizes heavy, dark lines with an “iron” like texture. They are German in style of often combine images of daggers, barb wire, etc. There is no religious affiliation with the Goth style, although it commonly borrows imagery from the Catholic faith.

Combination Designs
Combining cross tattoo designs with other elements is a great way to create a unique tattoo that has your own personal meaning. Some of the more popular images and elements to combine with your cross tattoo include: Verses from the Bible; flowers; butterflies; stars and stripes; tribal; angel wings; skull; dagger and swords; shamrock; etc. This is just a small sample… use your imagination and make your own personal statement.

Finding the design the is perfect for you doesn’t have to be a chore… it can be an enjoyable part of the experience, but you need to know where to look and avoid the common mistakes most people make. Too many people search the generic sites and settle on a tattoo that they regret later.

Try to stick to the professional tattoo sites when looking for cross tattoo designs. These sites will have a high standard and will usually allow you to print out the designs so you can test what they look like on your body.

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